Comparing EZTRackIt with its Competition

The Alternative to Traditional Internal Package Tracking Software

Announcing the Release of Our Innovative Android Application: We’re proud to announce the deployment of our enhanced “Discovery” version of our Android application. This new version is designed to help clients manage their existing inbound packages, streamline package delivery processes … Read MoreRead More

Handle the mailroom-organization holiday rush with EZTrackIt-package logging software

The Holiday Rush is Upon Us. Be Prepared With Our Package Tracking Software

Christmas time is more than the season that children look forward to. It is also the time that more packages and letters come to business mailrooms than any other time of the year. It seems that everyone is in a rush to finish their … Read MoreRead More


EZTrackIt Just Got Even Better – Introducing the Android App

Tracking incoming packages just got a lot easier. As a manager in charge of receiving, sorting and distributing the mail that comes into your organization, you know that you are the gateway between customers, vendors, stakeholders, regulators, the world, and your … Read MoreRead More


EZTrackIt Will Soon No Longer Support Legacy as We Steer Our Focus to Discovery.

Good News! EZTrackit is growing and improving by leaps and bounds over the Legacy version. We have had so many clients migrate to the Discovery version of our software so fast that we’re now on track to wind down the … Read MoreRead More


Surprising Industries That Benefit From Package Tracking Software

  Last week, I spoke about one type of industry that uses EZTrackIt’s package logging system: Law Firms, which really got me thinking! There are a ton of industries and companies that can definitely benefit from package tracking software. A … Read MoreRead More

Solving the Problem of Lost Inbound Packages

Solving the Problem of Lost Inbound Packages

It’s no mystery that of the common issues among most student housing mailrooms is the problem of lost packages. Someone needs to be responsible for making sure the students receive their deliveries properly, right? In light of this, most student … Read MoreRead More


EZTrackIt’s Locations Feature is the Ultimate Package Monitor

Other package logging systems can tell you when something arrived and when it was picked up and that is it. EZTrackIt’s Locations Feature is something new. … Read More

The History of Package Receiving

  How Package Tracking Is Revolutionizing Mail Remember when we only had a vague idea of when packages would arrive and where they were in the first place? Nowadays, being able to look up the location of awaited mail and … Read More

EZTrackIt’s Free Trial: Why it’s a Good Use of Your Time

What do you have to lose when signing up for a free trial? Time. We get that. And, we know your time is valuable, which means “Free” is a bit of a misnomer. So it’s our goal to add as … Read More

Let’s Make Package Management Perfect for You

Now in the Beta-Testing phase of EZTrackIt Discovery, we have a unique opportunity to make changes with the help of our customers. To this point, we’ve thought through how to make package management – from intake, to tracking and retrieval … Read More