Solving the Problem of Lost Inbound Packages

Solving the Problem of Lost Inbound Packages

It’s no mystery that of the common issues among most student housing mailrooms is the problem of lost packages. Someone needs to be responsible for making sure the students receive their deliveries properly, right? In light of this, most student … Read MoreRead More

5 Must-Have Tips to Delight Your Residents

As a property manager, your number one priority is keeping residents happy, beginning with move-in day. Managing different personalities and expectations is never easy. However, there are some universal ways of delighting residents that you can use. Let’s jump right … Read More

5 Ways to Increase Renter Retention (and make more money)

New construction, open floor plans, stylish refurbishments, and apartment complex amenities may get a prospective renter’s foot in the door, but the real money only happens when you increase renter retention. Retaining residents costs far less than acquiring, approving, and … Read More

Busy Back to School Shopping Season Highlights Needs For Residential Package Logging Systems

It may be the height of summer, but back to school season is right around the corner. Last year, parents spent an estimated $72.5 billion on clothing, supplies, technology and footwear for their little ones; an ever-increasing proportion of those … Read More

Package Logging Software: The Simple Route to Impressive Customer Service

Ask any property manager and they’ll tell you: maintaining strong, positive relationships with residents is absolutely essential. Time and again, we’ve seen that residents stay in buildings where they feel that the management is concerned about their happiness and well-being. … Read More

The Faster, The Better: Instant Notification Wins Overwhelming Resident Approval

During an informal poll we conducted with apartment dwellers, we asked about the speed at which those apartment residents would like to be notified that their delivery has arrived in their building the overwhelming majority – 9 out of every … Read More

Attracting New Residents with Improvements & Package Tracking Software

Hey everyone! Now that it’s June (yes, I can’t really believe that it’s already June either) it’s likely the time where you’re thinking about residents moving out of your building, and new ones that will be moving in. When it … Read More

Package Logging Software Instant Notification Appeals To Luxury Residents

Building owners and property developers in competitive housing markets are always on the search for the best way to attract residents who are committed to long-term stays in the most profitable units. Many popular amenities, such as roof top gardens … Read More

A Spring Refresh for EZTrackIt

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” ? Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina We’ve certainly taken this notion and run with it here at EZTrackIt. If you’ve clicked around our website in the last few days, you may have noticed … Read More

How’s Your Resident Retention Rate? EZTrackIt can Help Make it Better!

As we all know, keeping your residents in place and happy is the best thing possible for your bottom line. Advertising vacancies, interviewing potential residents, doing the reference and credit checks all take a lot of time – and during … Read More