Package Tracking Software Features To Organize Your Package Management

Streamlining cumbersome package management has gotten a whole lot easier with modern package tracking software.

Is your mailroom still working with outdated mailroom software and hardware that’s bulky, heavy, unreliable, difficult to learn — and perhaps even immobile like a desktop scanner?

Then it’s time to look at what modern package management looks like. What can a package tracking application do to boost mailroom productivity, reduce error, improve recipient satisfaction all while saving money?

Let’s look at some to the latest and greatest features in our package tracking software.

Package Tracking Software Promotes Accountability

No one in the mailroom wants to feel like they’re being overly monitored. With the new accountability features in mailroom software, you can seamlessly integrate employee accountability into the tool without making them feel like they’re being watched.

EZTrackIt promotes greater accountability among employees without causing your star employees to feel over-supervised. We keep a concise log of every single package that has been logged in and logged out. No more relying on memory to track a package.

This log also gives you the ability to create employee schedules based on traffic rather than “educated guesses”. No more overstaffing, having to send people home early or not having enough people in the mailroom to meet demand.

Easy to customize, visual reports make it easy to spot trends and manage changes in volume.

Package Management Is About Your People

We may focus on the packages, but it’s more about the people who are in the mailroom getting things done. New communications features keeps everyone informed so that all can work together in the most effective way.

Inclement weather, workday delays, change in plans, re-allocating staff — modern package management does so much more than just track packages. We help everyone work together as a team to run a streamlined mailroom.

Mailroom Software Improves Customer Experience

Part of streamlining mailroom management is creating a seamless recipient experience. To this end, one of the latest and greatest features in mailroom software is the ability to quickly add a link to the recipients email updates that bypasses recipient login requirements.

This allows the recipient to track his/her packages quickly and easily and see history over the past 30 days. No more lost passwords or calling the mailroom because it’s easier than checking it via their device.

This feature is designed to both increase recipient satisfaction and reduces customer care related costs from unnecessary status update calls.

Mailroom Software Goes Where You Go

Modern package tracking software goes where you go. It fits in the palm of your hand. What makes this possible? A convenient Android app that works on most mobile devices. Don’t want to use data while on your route? Not a problem. You simply synch the device in the mailroom and then receive, sort and distribute anywhere.

No more failing hardware, restricted movement or lost data. An easy to learn and use app makes mailroom management work.

Stay Up to Date and Streamlined

Never miss a beat when you follow the lasted updates and trends in mailroom software.

EZTrackit is leading the way in mailroom management. We have the case studies  to prove it. We’re revolutionizing mailroom management through easy to learn/use, reliable, multi-functional software.

Request a free demo to find out how EZTrackit can streamline your mailroom.

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