EZTrackIt: Flexible So Your Mailroom Organization Doesn't Have To Be

EZTrackIt: Flexible So Your Mailroom Organization Doesn’t Have To Be

There are many problems that can occur with package management that can sacrifice your mailroom organization.  Whether you use the clipboard check system, if you are required to use hardware to make your system work, or if you have software … Read MoreRead More


What Could Happen Without Package Tracking Software?

Do you work in a place that isn’t as organized as it could be?  Does mail clutter in the mailroom, or do packages accumulate on certain staff member’s desks making it difficult to find important packages and letters even after … Read MoreRead More

Message-All-Feature to message all recipients available with EZTrackIt

Message All Recipients with EZTrackIt – Go Beyond Package Management

One of the hardest things about leadership and community responsibility is effective communication. There is always important information that has to be shared with others, but how can you do that when you’re working with people on different schedules? How can … Read MoreRead More

Reward the Underappreciated: EZTrackIt Makes Mail Management More Efficient

For many bosses who think about people they either supervise and who are indispensable to the business, the folks in the mailroom, those involved in package management are not at the top of the list. The people in the mailroom … Read MoreRead More

EZTrackIt - Mobile-package-tracking---what-your-mailroom-needs

Mobile Package Tracking – The Functions Your Mailroom Needs

These days life is mobile. We expect everything at our fingertips. We want it fast and effective. It should make your life and job easier. As a property manager or student housing manager responsible for mailroom organization, you know how important your … Read MoreRead More


EZTrackIt’s Locations Feature is the Ultimate Package Monitor

Other package logging systems can tell you when something arrived and when it was picked up and that is it. EZTrackIt’s Locations Feature is something new. … Read More

EZTrackIt is the Best Package Logging System for Convention Centers

Working in mail services in a convention center bears an uncanny resemblance to being an air traffic controller. There’s always a lot of pressure, there are crowds full of anxious people who need their packages and deliveries put in their … Read More

Package Tracking Software Slays the Summer Slumps

The weather is warming up, the vacations are booked, and our minds are at the beach… even if our bodies are in the office. But there’s still work to be done and packages to be logged, albeit fewer than we … Read More

EZTrackIt Package Software Makes Accountability Simple

In a large organization, the efficient flow of information, documentation, reports and resources is essential. Delays in delivery can have problematic ripple effects on production, resulting in client dissatisfaction and even lost revenue. Streamline your mail services, enhance efficiency and … Read More

When In Doubt, Help Them Out: For Your Colleagues Struggling With Their Mail Rooms

One of the things we really love about working in this industry is we get to meet a lot of really wonderful people. So many of our customers are really nice: they care about doing their jobs well, but they … Read More