What To Do Now That Your Packaging System Is Streamlined

Many EZTrackIt clients are having trouble deciding what to do with the spare time using our package tracking software gives them.  It seems that EZTrackIt has been so beneficial in organizing the delivery of packages that many professionals using this software … Read MoreRead More

inbound package tracking saves you money

Inbound Package Tracking. How Much Does It Cost?

Businesses need to operate as efficiently as possible.  The more work you can outsource to technology, the more your employees can think critically to improve your business, increase sales, and make more money.  One of the important ways many businesses … Read More

The History of Package Tracking: From Caves to Computers

As long as there have been people on the planet, there have been packages passing back and forth between them. Packages were how cultures communicated, working together to advance each other through trade. But, then as now, once cargo left … Read More

The Worst Advice We’ve Heard About Inbound Package Tracking

Most of the really bad advice about inbound package tracking comes from within organizations themselves – often the result of the “well, this is how we’ve always done it!” mentality. If your mail room is losing packages, or if you’re … Read More