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Easily Track & Log Packages with EZTrackIt Package Tracking App

Make your mailroom system painless with EZTrackIt’s complete internal mailroom logging system. With your risk free, no obligation 7-day free trial, you’ll enjoy full access to EZtrackIt’s mailroom management software with benefits including:

  • No hardware required; log packages with tablets, smartphones, or barcode scanners
  • Individual logins & custom permissions
  • Customize text & email messages for different recipient groups
  • Never lose tracking history again with automatic data updates (even if they leave for a year!)
  • Recipients login easier via links in their auto-notification messages
  • Find packages faster with a unique package information feature: Know carrier, sender, service level, & in some cases, even weight of the parcel
  • And much more!

If you’re ready to save time and money, start your free trial with the best mailroom management software out there, and we’ll show you how much we can help you with all of your mailroom needs.

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Two Major Mailroom Pain Points We Solve:

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Logging and tracking packages manually takes a lot of time and is prone to human-error.


With our mailroom logging software, there’s no typing or writing. Say goodbye to clipboards for good! Scan the shipping label to log and track any package accurately, every time. Spend less time on logging and more time on other mailroom tasks.

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Fielding questions about packages means sifting through your log for the necessary information.


Find packages faster with our mailroom software simple lookup: Know carrier, sender, service level, and in some cases, weight of the parcel. Know the time a package hits your mailroom to who signed for it and at which desk.

Our mailroom clients love us because we know what it takes to streamline your internal mail operations. Give us a try.