Student Housing Mailroom FAQ’s

How is EZTrackit better than other package tracking software?

Simplicity of use. Designed by someone with 16 years in the package receiving industry, EZTrackit’s package management system is intuitive to use and easy to train. We despise extra steps and keystrokes and spent tons of man-hours eliminating them. The result is a product that runs smoothly without you having to think about it.

Little to no hardware required. EZTrackit uses the hardware that you have on site to keep your startup and equipment costs to a minimum. Yup, we’ll let you use the front desk computer, but we’ll also let you use that carrier shipping label printer too. Found a barcode reader on eBay? No problem. We don’t even sell hardware, but we do help support it, even though you never bought it from us. This is called “service”. (You may have heard about this when you were a kid.)

Speed of package checkout. Simply point and shoot the barcode reader at either the package slip or the package tag to checkout a package. No lookups required and no reason for your staff to NOT check it out.

Cloud based. With a fully web-based service like EZTrackit there is no software to install. This means you can run the package management software from any computer without setup. If you can pull up a webpage, you can run EZTrackit. You can run it from every computer on your campus and the data is shared without any need for complicated networking. The data is safe offsite, so even if your computer bursts into flames, your data is secure.

Automatic emails, Text Messages and more. Sure, other guys send package emails, but the Easy Track It package management system can also send a text message. The faster your students are notified the happier they are. (don’t tell anyone, but Facebook Notification is coming soon too) Want to customize your message? No problem, they are fully customizable.

Package accountability. With EZTrackit you can just look at a package and see if it has been logged into the system, no tag means not entered. On the tag you will see the Room or Mailbox number, student name, Residence Hall, and even the date it arrived. Need more on the tag? No problem. It is fully customizable too.

Student access to data. Your students will get a package email or text message that has the basic package information, but if they want to know more they can log in as well. Students can have their own web access to see how many packages they received this month, what they were, and if they have picked them up yet.

Always up-to-date. Unlike other software which is updated every year or two and then resold as “the latest version.” EZTrackit is ALWAYS the latest version. Every time an improvement is made every user has access to it. It will never go out of date because you always have the latest version.

Staff training made easy. EZTrackit’s package management system has detailed training videos for each and every step of training process. This makes training a new staff member a piece of cake. Just sit them down in front of the back computer and press “PLAY”. There are quick overviews and detailed step by step videos depending on the user’s comfort or knowledge level.

Risk free trial.


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Try EZTrackit’s package management system for thirty days risk free. If you have problems let us know, we are always there to help. If you decide against using it for any reason, just tell us and we will never bill you again. The other guys don’t do any of this. No one else is even close. Try EZTrackit risk free today and see why our customers don’t just love us, they are raving fans.