EZTrackIt Testimonials

From Residential Buildings…

This new system has been a huge improvement to what was previously implemented in the office. It is fast, effective, and our tenants love being able to know when their package is here by looking at their smartphone or computer. Would definitely recommend this service to anyone.”

– Jhoan Cadenas
Avalon Heights

I sincerely appreciate how quickly [EZTrackIt’s package tracking software] was able to put all of the data into the database. I was beginning to get blocked into my office because of all the packages in the common area! The staff and I definitely benefit from eztrackit.com and we can’t thank you enough!”

– Jamie Shah
University Crossings | American Campus Communities

Our residents like using the [EZTrackIt] package tracking system because they receive instant notification for their package arrivals. We like using the system because logging packages in and out is fast and easy.”

– Giannelli Lynch
University Centre | American Campus Communities

From Student Housing…

Got to love it when we get personal service from a company CEO. I’ve been out of the Mail Services loop for quite sometime but had a need to do some research on EZTrackIt… Thanks a lot for checking back, it’s indicative of the kind of customer service we have received in the past and nice to know it’s still personal.”

– Greg Brown  
Georgia College

I appreciate how responsive you all are. I’ve worked with so many vendors and the sales process they’re all over and then the support is garbage. Definitely not the same experience with you all–it’s been great.”

-Steve Syoen
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Our package system went from archaic to contemporary overnight. It is a simple concept that works well. Our residents know about their packages sooner, because they are alerted much quicker than before. [EZTrackIt] is easy and efficient and our residents like it.”

– Dean Kevin Pride
Southern Adventist University

EZTrackIt’s package logging softwareis GREAT ! it SOLVED our package tracking problems. I’d give it an A”

– Linda Diaz
Ramapo College of New Jersey

EZTrackIt’s package tracking system has been a Godsend! You have saved us hundreds of hours and saved us thousands in staff dollars. We went from 3 people down to one at each desk.”

– Laurie Thibault
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

As SOON as someone gets a PACKAGE they get an EMAIL from EZTrackIt. It’s EASY too. That’s an A in my book.”

– Michael Polzin
Arizona State College

EZTrackIt has changed our process over the last year and residents have really appreciated it. Thank you again for all of the hard work you put into this product!”

-Travis M. Checketts,
Cleveland State University

[EZTrackIt’s package tracking system] turned a nightmare into a workable situation.”

– Ginger Kirk
Christopher Newport University

About a year and a half ago, University Housing went in search for a cost effective solution to replace our archaic system of tracking student packages. We desired a system that was capable of tracking student packages electronically through the use of barcodes and notifying students of their package via email.

[EZTrackIt’s package tracking software] immediately caught our eye. Their customer service skills were impeccable; often a representative would return a phone call within an hour of the initial inquiry. Their webinars provide a unique step-by-step method of learning the functions (and updates) of the system. Their online training videos are an excellent resource including a tremendous time savings for supervisors required to train multiple staff members. We have been very impressed with them.”

-Ben Rosebrock
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

[EZTrackit’s package tracking system] is extremely helpful for checking in and out packages. I love how it’s very user-friendly.”

-Lindsey Scherschligt
Graduate Hall Coordinator, Texas Tech University

Can’t image working without [EZTrackIt’s package tracking software] ~ just love everything about it. Makes life so much easier!”

-Cheryl Pritchard
Secretary, Texas Tech University

[EZTrackIt] is marvelous, it has cut the paperwork way down and greatly improved our efficiency.

No one loves [EZTrackIt’s package tracking system] more than me, Erma Daye! It has made keeping track of package so much easier and our students love it because they are notified right away when they have a delivery.”

-Erma Daye
Hall Secretary, Texas Tech University

and More Industries…

As a packaging company servicing high-end big box retailers we have utilized [EZTrackIt’s package tracking system] for over a year. Our clients scan all merchandise out of their building and transport it to our off-site facility. With multiple users and locations on the system tracking has never been easier. [EZTrackIt] Software has been exactly what we were looking for, adapted to our needs and very user friendly.”

– Mike Jamali
President, Wrap and Send Services, LLC

Love your service! You’re definitely saving me all kinds of money and time.”

– Robert
Beverly Hills Postal Place


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