EZTrackIt Support

Need Help?

The best way to make sure that your issue is “on our radar” is to open a chat on the round orange chat bubble on the lower right of every page.


This way your concern goes straight to our support department’s “to do” list.  It will remain there for as long as it takes to solve your problem.

Worried about having to keep your browser open? Don’t. Our chat system is actually pretty great.  If you ask a question it will suggest some articles while you wait.  If you close your browser it will actually email you our reply instead.  This means that you could reply back in an email or use your browser depending on what is best for you.”


If you are having trouble using our package tracking system, don’t forget to check out our training videos. We have added them into the chat bubble as well. Our system will automatically suggest the right ones after it analyzes your question. They are super easy to follow and will help you get started.

Our Training videos: https://eztrackit.com/training-videos/


You could also call our direct line at

1-800-371-5956 x 2