package tracking with EZTrackItWe started, years ago, in retail customer service. Like you, we believe that the “little things” are actually the big ones. We answer our phones. We call you back. We take as much time as you need to get things done in the way that you want them, and you can always have a one on one talk with the President of the company.

Our customers don’t just like us, they love us. Ask them. Why? We care about our customers. We like and respect them. We’re not afraid to let it show, either! It may sound like a small thing, but when you run into a company that does not care about you, you can just plain tell.

EZTrackIt has a different approach to package tracking software. We are not a hardware company. We do not sell equipment. We believe that equipment costs are not only a barrier to entry, but also to innovation. This means that we have no “proprietary hardware” that you “must” use. Our package management system works with lots of different pieces of hardware and you don’t need to buy any of it from us. The really great news is that you probably already have almost everything you need. This is one of the reasons we are often 1/10th the cost of the big guys. Well, that, and we actually care about our customers’ needs above our own.
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