Patrick, President

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Patrick has been in the package receiving business for a long time. He opened his first Mail Boxes Etc franchise in 1995 and was quickly appointed to the company’s “automation committee,” which advised the franchise on software and technology issues.

Many stores, and more than a decade later, Patrick moved on from MBE and created his own Manhattan Mailroom branded store. was one of the first customized tools he created for that business, which has now become a business unto itself. Soon after, he created to make package logging available to just about any business, regardless of size or budget. Patrick has always strived for an elegant and simple approach to complex problems. He keeps his mind and ears always open, listening to feedback in order to constantly refine and improve the approach his companies take in handling your important items.

Patrick is very fortunate to be working with his beautiful and talented wife Suzannah.

Suzannah, VP & Billing

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Suzannah is an important part of the EZTrackIt team. She heads billing, marketing and helps in a dozen other ways. You will like working with her, not because she tells stories, but because she listens to yours. Listening to your concerns, taking responsibility, and making changes happen is important to her and she does it well.

Suzannah is also a classically trained singer, actor, and voice over artist when not at EZTrackIt.

Dave, Account Executive

Student Housing and Residential Building Sales
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Dave, our problem solving expert always focuses on his clients needs first. He has had over 18 years of experience in e-Business, e-Commerce, Software, and Hardware sales. This Ohio resident with Pennsylvania roots learned early in life that listening skills are the the key to any successful business partnership. Indeed, he looks at all of his clients as partners. Married with two children, he loves the special times spent with family. He is also an avid sports enthusiast who enjoys golf fishing and the outdoors. Dave builds relationships quickly and is a whiz at research. If you have a complex problem, Dave can help you find the solution.

Sara, Extraordinary Customer Service Rep.

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Sara is our customer support person. She has 10 years of customer service experience and loves to help customers turn problems into solutions. Sara is kind, polite and patient. She knows how to really listen to people to fully understand their concerns. Perhaps most impressive though is her follow through. If she says she will do it; it gets done.

Sara is an aunt of two little girls, and loves to spend time with family. She is a huge sports fan and spends her free time attending live sporting events, writing for a hockey blog, and hanging out with friends.

Rodrigo, Technical Support

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Rodrigo, our dedicated technical support representative, is accomplished in information technology and software engineering with expertise in a diverse range of technologies. Rod is patient and a good problem solver. Originally one of the hard working people, from the warm and lovely Pacific Coast of Ecuador, this Georgia resident can give you your support in both English and Spanish. Rod gets a lot of kudos for his support work but would be happy to add yours to the list.

We take great pride in Rodrigo’s work, but we are not the only ones.

Checkout others who do as well.

MyDigitalDoorman and EZTrackIt have been very fortunate to have had a lot of help over the years and we would be nowhere without the assistance of many wonderful and talented people who have helped us focus our business, create new products and make an impact.

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