This is a LinkedIn article I wrote a little while ago, and I thought I’d share it here to give EZTrackIt customers an insight into how we approach customer service. And no, we don’t “do nothing!”

The Art of Doing Nothing in Customer Service

Whether you’re in retail or SaaS, there is an art to doing nothing that can be very effective. You plan out every detail of your product; then you create a system around it so that when a customer buys the product, they sign up for automatic renewal. Essentially, if they do nothing and you do nothing, you get paid and your business moves forward.

This isn’t a problem. In fact, that’s ideally how it should work. It’s how SaaS companies make money. But I’ve seen many tech companies take this “Do Nothing” approach into customer service. And therein lies the problem.

Does your customer service operate like this?

A customer submits a trouble ticket, and they receive a form email back telling them that if they do X, Y, and Z everything will work exactly the way it should. If they do nothing, the ticket is closed – like it never existed. This is when doing nothing hurts your business.

I think this comes out of a certain hubris on the part of the technology industry. We build the products and assume “of course they work as they should!” “Did you follow the instructions?” From there, it’s all too easy to fall into the mindset that customers are stupid – and that’s dangerous. Customers aren’t stupid. They know exactly what works, and what doesn’t work, for them. And when the sole purpose of your product is to make the customer’s life a little easier, then you fail if you do nothing.

Here’s how we’ve flipped this customer service situation around for our customers who need the most help. When these clients asks our customer service team questions, we answer them to the best of our ability and show them how to get their desired results. Then we send a follow-up email saying something like “We think this will solve the problem. Please let us know if it worked.” If they don’t respond, we contact them.

If they do nothing, the ticket doesn’t close just because they’ve gone silent. That ticket stays open until we hear from them – and if we don’t hear back, we contact them. Our goal is for them to love using our product, and if something compromises that, we want them to know that we’re invested in fixing the problem.

Our customers, especially in the SaaS industry, need to see the real value of their purchases. If they’re not getting value, then they stop using the service. When everything is going right, the Do Nothing approach of automatic renewals works well. But when a customer’s experience goes awry, we shouldn’t stop doing something until it’s fixed.

We are always looking for ways to make our customer experience better. Speaking of smoothing out the customer experience, another way we help our customers is by offering this free download. Here you’ll learn about 5 tips to optimize your mailroom. 

5 Steps To Optimize Your Mailroom Today

Source: HubSpot

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