EZTrackIt Announces Partnership with Adirondack Solutions

EZTrackIt is pleased to announce that we are officially Strategic Partners with Adirondack Solutions. … Read More

Be Prepared for the Loads of Student Packages Coming Your Way with EZTrackIt

Be Prepared for the Loads of Student Packages Coming Your Way with EZTrackIt

When students return to college, mailroom staff know they will be inundated with packages.  The challenge is to keep packages cycling through the mailroom and getting them into the hands of those who need them quickly, efficiently, and with documentation … Read MoreRead More

Solving the Problem of Lost Inbound Packages

Solving the Problem of Lost Inbound Packages

It’s no mystery that of the common issues among most student housing mailrooms is the problem of lost packages. Someone needs to be responsible for making sure the students receive their deliveries properly, right? In light of this, most student … Read MoreRead More

Ghost Tales from the University Mail Center

Is your college haunted? That might explain the number of missing packages (or your university mail center might just need EZTrackIt – the best way to bust ghosts is through efficiency!). College campuses around the country seem to be breeding grounds … Read More

Are Ghosts Hiding Packages in Your Student Housing Mail Center?

Around Halloween, college campuses are rife with ghost stories, from a spirit wandering the library stacks to whispered warnings about Dorm Room 113. It’s all in good fun, but the one place you don’t want a mischievous spirit is in … Read More

The Back to School Guide to Your Student Housing Mail Center

It’s officially back to school time!  By now most of your residents have likely moved into their dorms and your mail room is up and running at full speed – but is it running as speedily as it could?  Students … Read More

5 Myths About Off-Campus Student Housing

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about off-campus student housing. Is it safe? Is it cheaper? Is it clean? After the cocoon of the first year spent in university housing, students are entering into the unknown. Here’s our … Read More

Incoming! How to Prepare for Mass Deliveries with Student Package Tracking

By now, you have likely experienced a huge amount of packages coming into your mailroom.  This time of the year, right before and during the fall move in process, hundreds of student packages arriving daily is the norm.  Having the … Read More

What Will Student Housing Be Like in 100 Years?

A lot can happen in a century, especially one in which there are technological leaps and bounds every week. The world is changing fast, and we at EZTrackIt like to think we’re on the cutting edge of the future of … Read More

It’s Fall Move-in! Shouldn’t You Update Your Student Package Tracking

Not Finals, not Midterms, not Graduation Day – no, the most hectic time of the school year for university housing coordinators and package handlers is Fall Move-In Day! Every September while nervous Freshmen and eager Sophomores funnel into their residence … Read More