Message-All-Feature to message all recipients available with EZTrackIt

Message All Recipients with EZTrackIt – Go Beyond Package Management

One of the hardest things about leadership and community responsibility is effective communication. There is always important information that has to be shared with others, but how can you do that when you’re working with people on different schedules? How can … Read MoreRead More


New EZTrackIt Reporting Tool Is Considered Mailroom’s Best Friend

Today, EZTrackIt announced improved reporting capabilities within their signature EZTrackIt package logging software, which will further streamline mailroom organization for maximum efficiency, accountability, and happy customers. They have transformed mobile package tracking again with this new innovation, making mailroom managers … Read MoreRead More

Comparing EZTRackIt with its Competition

The Alternative to Traditional Internal Package Tracking Software

Announcing the Release of Our Innovative Android Application: We’re proud to announce the deployment of our enhanced “Discovery” version of our Android application. This new version is designed to help clients manage their existing inbound packages, streamline package delivery processes … Read MoreRead More


EZTrackIt Just Got Even Better – Introducing the Android App

Tracking incoming packages just got a lot easier. As a manager in charge of receiving, sorting and distributing the mail that comes into your organization, you know that you are the gateway between customers, vendors, stakeholders, regulators, the world, and your … Read MoreRead More


EZTrackIt Will Soon No Longer Support Legacy as We Steer Our Focus to Discovery.

Good News! EZTrackit is growing and improving by leaps and bounds over the Legacy version. We have had so many clients migrate to the Discovery version of our software so fast that we’re now on track to wind down the … Read MoreRead More

Set up a Win-Win with Personalization the EZTrackIt Way

“Make it EZ for us Not to Bug You!” is the working title of an email we’ll be sending out shortly to our current and prospective EZTrackIt customers. If you’re one of them, keep an eye out for it in … Read More

Ditch Big Data: Finding Product Market Fit is Simple

Yesterday I had a conversation with a longtime EZTrackIt client, and as we were talking about different things, she started throwing out a laundry list of all the functions she wished our system had: “I always wished you could do … Read More