As a mailroom manager, you need more than just mailroom organization to keep things running smoothly in the mailroom. You need to have your own office space organized, so that you know where things are and can easily find them to get work done.

We’ve got the top tips to help you work more happily, healthfully and efficiently in your office space.

1) Needless Things

The first step is to get rid of anything that you haven’t used in 6 months to a year.

Afraid you’ll need it? Don’t be, if you haven’t used it in a year. Move it to company storage or take it home. It’s much easier to go get it when you need it than constantly move it, clean around it and search behind it for the things in the office you actually use.

2) A Place For Everything

Despite what you may have learned at home, there’ no such thing as a junk drawer or cabinet. It’s simply stuff that needs to be put in its place. Every object in the office should have a clear home. If it doesn’t make one.

3) Maximize Your Office Layout

Based upon the activities in your office, create work stations to easily accomplish tasks. But remember, if it’s not something that you use several times a day — like the computer or a pen — it doesn’t belong on the desk.

Definitely have a picture of your children, spouse, mom or dog out on the desk if they make you happy. But keep personal items to a minimum.

4) Organize Your Digital Life

A messy desktop on your computer can be a huge time waster. If you save things to your desktop, create folders with clear purpose. If you need to save temporary files, delete them immediately to avoid the build up of clutter.

5) Meeting No-Show Folder

Keep everyone in the office on the same page by creating dated, labeled folders for team meetings. In some offices, this will electronic; others physical . Put several copies of handouts, slide presentations, tutorials from the meeting.

If someone missed a meeting, it’s their responsibility to review what was discussed. No excuses.

6) Don’t Let Reminders Add Up

It’s important to write/type reminders so you don’t forget. But don’t let them linger or they become counter productive, cluttering the mind and the office.

Kick procrastination to the curb, by  making a commitment to mark things off your list as quickly as possible.

7) Go Green

If your office system still involves paper invoices, shipment logs, memos floating around the office, update to digital options. You’ll save a tree and have more efficient systems in place to work together as a team.

Check out new technologies. The right technologies quickly pay for themselves.

8) Give All Files an Expiration Date

On your team site, all files should have an expiration date. When that date arrives, either the file needs to be removed or updated and given a new date. If you’re using paper files, see # 7.

9) Manage Your Email

A disorganized email account can be a huge time waster. Create folder for various types of emails. Set up you email rules to automatically move emails. Delete unmoved emails regularly or ask IT to help you set up an archive to move emails after so many months.

10) Package Tracking Software

Invest in package tracking software to streamline processes and improve mailroom organization. The hardware of yesteryear was clunky, unreliable and immobile. But today’s software is easy to learn, dependable, comprehensive and can be installed on your mobile phone.

Looking for more ideas for mailroom organization, download our exclusive and comprehensive guide:


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