If your inbound mail package tracking system involves a ledger and pen, or some archaic piece of proprietary software only the IT department really understands – then your mailroom is set to go the way of the dinosaur. Don’t become a fossilized department. Evolution is a lot easier than it sounds.

Today’s modern mailrooms are paperless, mobile, and more user-friendly than ever. With EZTrackIt, yours can be too.

Practically paperless package processing


Some of our clients love our labels – they’re big and clear enough to read from across the room. But, with more mailrooms moving to paperless package processing, we thought we should offer another, more environmentally-friendly, option. Usually, when you log in a package, you have a huge 20-digit tracking number – or no tracking code at all. You almost have to print a label in those cases. But we came up with a different way of doing it: EZTrackIt produces a 4-digit tracking code that can be easily hand-written on the parcel. The first digit is the year, the next three digits are letters, which produces 20,000 possible combinations every year, each of which is so short and easy to remember that it takes seconds to scrawl it on cardboard with a sharpie. It’s a small, simple modification that saves seconds on every package, but is a significant value-add when your company wants to go completely paperless.

Mobile and agile inbound package tracking

If you have a smartphone, you can log packages in and out anywhere – on the roof, in the basement, or in the field, and everywhere in between. For many companies, packages begin their in-house journey in the basement, where a dozen or more packages need to be logged in quickly and efficiently, all at once. From there, instant automatic notifications are sent via text and email to their recipients (who can log in instantly with the link in these notifications to see their package information). If your mailroom service includes re-delivery, you need only take your packages and your smartphone to the recipient’s desk for a quick and easy sign-out.

No more lines at the front desk, no more bottlenecks at delivery and re-delivery points, and no more answering calls that begin with “where’s my package? It was supposed to be here…” That’s evolution gone mobile.

User and recipient-friendly

We believe that intuitive package tracking software should be so easy to use, nobody needs to be trained to use it (but we still offer training). We’ve adapted our software for ultimate ease of use on mobile platforms, for both the mailroom team and recipients. For recipients, we eliminated the need to remember additional usernames and passwords. Now, when a recipient has a package that’s been logged in, they receive an instant notification with a link they can click to see all of that package’s information. And, that information is more informative than ever. With EZTrackIt’s latest adaptation, users can find sender information, level of service (Priority, First-Class, Overnight, etc.), and in some cases, even the weight of the package. Recipients get more clues about what has arrived (and how urgent it may be), and mailroom employees have a better idea of what kind of package they’re looking for when it’s time to retrieve it from the back room.

Environmentally-friendly, mobile-friendly, and user-friendly. What it comes down to is optimizing user experience. That is the direction we see our industry evolving towards – how about yours?

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