Your company is growing but are you growing along with it?

As the mailroom manager, you’ll always want your ‘home away from home’ to reach its full potential.

In desperate times, you’ve reached out to package tracking services that either want to “redecorate” your mailroom or implement this complicated system that requires bulky processing machinery. If it doesn’t streamline your day-to-day processes, why take a chance on it?

Because we’ve been here before, and lots of our current clients have too, we’ve compiled the three top practices that often get overlooked to give your mailroom the chance it truly deserves.

If you are currently NOT implementing any of the following, you may be missing out on ways to better organize your mailroom and package management.

Going Green

Optimizing Organization

Although it’s primarily about the environment, going paperless is the best thing you’ll ever do to keep your processes streamlined and organized. If you are still using logbooks and imputing package information manually into a computer, give yourself and your staff a break. Go green; get on the cloud already!

Choosing a package processing application does a lot more than help you let go of cluttered file cabinets and employee desks. By going paperless with software like EZTrackIt, you’ll also enjoy:

  • Internal package tracking system that automatically sends your recipients an e-mail and text message notification.
  • Cloud technology that allows you to complete the required paperwork quickly, efficiently, and securely.
  • Freedom from time-consuming paperwork and filing.
  • Easy access to important documents at all times from any device.
  • Greater accountability and the ability to know exactly which person did what and when.

Going Mobile

Becoming More Accessibility

It’s a fact: 91% of adults keep their smartphones within arm’s reach. So why shouldn’t you, or your employees, be able to work with mobile devices?

Although many mailrooms deliver packages within a residential and medical building or a college dorm, there is that instance where you’ll go outside of the office to deliver packages. And that’s where the mobile application comes in handy.

With a package tracking application, you’ll be able to leave those annoying clipboards and multiple-page package information lists behind and carry your tablet or mobile phone instead for easy package processing at the delivery site.

Getting Rid of Bulky Processing Machinery

Becoming More Flexible

Going mobile may also imply that you’ll finally be able to get rid of the scanner and other bulky machinery. Using a package processing application from your tablet or IPhone means that you can:

  • Use your phone or tablet as bar code scanner.
  • Log packages in and out anywhere – at your desk, in the field, or in the basement (as long as you have data or WIFI).
  • Keep mail logs on the cloud and access them on all devices.
  • Grab a signature upon handoff that is instantly available system wide.

Looking to make your mailroom even more efficient? Check out our Free eBook: 5 Tips to Optimize Your Mail Room!

5 Steps To Optimize Your Mailroom Today

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