As a property manager, your number one priority is keeping residents happy, beginning with move-in day. Managing different personalities and expectations is never easy. However, there are some universal ways of delighting residents that you can use.

Let’s jump right into learning how to make your residents smile.

1. Ease the Transition

Delighting your residents begins before they even arrive. Start by performing a final walk-through before your new residents move in. One of your key responsibilities is, of course, keeping the property rentable. This last look is the perfect time to catch any minor issues and do a little straightening up before the move-in.

Create a neighborhood guide to hand out during the move-in. It should include information on the most popular restaurants, hangouts, shopping centers and local events. Tips on public transportation are also useful to residents who might be new to the area in general.

Be sure to provide your contact information and work hours immediately. Explain who to contact when you’re not in the office. If you use any portals or platforms to communicate, schedule a time to go over the process with your new resident. Providing this information up front makes residents feel secure and respected.

2. Be Available

How can you reduce frustration and squash problems before they start? By being available. Of course, there will be times when you’re not able to speak with residents or solve their problems right away.

As a solution, come up with a call-back time frame with your staff and stick to it. Same day communication is always preferred especially for urgent matters.

3. Keep Up Appearances

Keep your property well-cared for and you’ll encourage residents to do the same. The outer appearance of your business speaks for it even before you do. A regularly trimmed lawn, vibrant garden, and clean walkway says that you value your property, residents, and surroundings.

Your front office should be presentable as well. Make a great first impression by keeping papers organized, using seasonal decorations, and avoiding clutter.

4. Follow Contingency Plans and Protocol

Develop contingency plans to outline what you and your staff will do in the case of an emergency. Potential crises to consider include flooding, fires, and natural disasters. Being prepared is crucial as residents will take their cues from your lead.

As for protocol, brainstorm the best ways to respond to repair requests, complaints, and conflicts. Use scenario-based training to educate your staff on the new protocol. Any policies should be put in writing and followed to the letter. You’ll likely need to update the routines as your knowledge of property management increases or new situations arise.

5. Communicate Package Arrivals and Delays

Packages are some of the most important items to residents. Some of the mail that arrives each day may be time-sensitive, perishable, or valuable. It’s crucial to keep tenants informed of arrivals and delays. Making multiple phone calls or even trying to track down residents in person is, of course, a huge of waste of manpower.

To stay productive, look for digital options. Using a package tracking software allows you to send text messages or emails about deliveries and delays.

For more information on digitally tracking packages with EZTrackIt’s software, check out our how it works page or request a demo.

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