Back to School Package Tracking SoftwareIt may be the height of summer, but back to school season is right around the corner. Last year, parents spent an estimated $72.5 billion on clothing, supplies, technology and footwear for their little ones; an ever-increasing proportion of those sales are made online. This means lots and lots of deliveries are headed to your building. How are you going to keep track of them all?

Making it EZ: EZTrackIt eliminates the risk of lost & missing packages!

If you’re using a manual package logging system to keep track of your residents’ deliveries, here’s something you should know: UPS, FedEx and other delivery drivers will often drop off multiple packages while requiring only a single signature. On a busy day, it’s easy for mistakes to be made: is your team checking if there’s really 23 boxes, envelopes and parcels in that stack or are there only 22? Once that signature’s been acquired, the delivery driver is off the hook – as far as all interested parties are concerned, you’ve taken possession of the parcel and it’s your responsibility!

The super simple to use EZTrackIt package tracking software logs packages in individually as they arrive. If there’s only 22 packages, you’re only acknowledging 22 – that missing 23rd package hasn’t made it to your premises yet, and your irritated resident can address the issue with the person who’s truly at fault! Reduce your risk exposure while assuring your residents you’re doing everything possible to keep track of their back to school deliveries by choosing EZTrackIt.

One thing building residents really love about the EZTrackIt package logging system is the instant notifications they receive, via text message, email, or social media message, that their delivery has, in fact, arrived. When you’ve got a 5 year old eager for their new backpack, you can understand the value of being able to say, “Yes! It’s finally here! Let’s go get it!”

Want to find out more about how EZTrackIt can help you improve the customer service you offer your residents? Give us a call. It’s simple and more affordable than you might think!

Busy Back to School Shopping Season Highlights Needs For Residential Package Logging Systems
Article Name
Busy Back to School Shopping Season Highlights Needs For Residential Package Logging Systems
Master back to school season with ease and keep your residents happy with cloud based package tracking software.

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