The necessity of sending mail and packages is inevitable, regardless of the type of business you are in. Mail volume varies by company, but it’s no secret that the costs associated with mail can be significant. What many people don’t realize, however, is that mistakes that happen in the mailroom can make those costs skyrocket even higher. Below are some common mailroom mistakes that are costing your business money.

Sending mail to the wrong recipient

Often, when a package is sent to the wrong recipient, the error isn’t caught until either the package is returned to the sender, or when the person expecting the delivery mentions that it never arrived. Not only can this cost the company additional fees to re-send the package, the company will suffer a blow to its reputation for the mistake. The delay can result in loss of business opportunities, income and potential late fees.

Even worse, depending on the contents of the package, sending mail to the wrong recipients may also breach confidentiality by letting information fall into the wrong hands. This could lead to the possibility of litigation – and those fees could be massive.

Late delivery of parcels and mail

Picture this: Your mailroom staff is given an important package to put in the mail and your CEO informs the recipient when it will arrive based on that day’s outgoing mail. However, the mailroom staff member didn’t send out all the packages that day. Now the delivery is going to be late, but since the CEO has already informed the recipient of it’s delivery date, they call – anxiously believing that the package has been waylaid, mislaid, or stolen. This puts the mailroom manager in the tough position of explaining to the CEO why the package wasn’t sent promptly (and giving the impression of being unprofessional and disorganized).

With a proper tracking system in place, everyone involved in the transaction will know where the package is at all times including whether their items have actually been dispatched.

Loss of packages

This is actually one of the most serious problems that organizations face with the old-fashioned mail systems that they currently use.  A lot of packages get lost along the way and the intended recipients are left stranded and inconvenienced. Lost packages without tracking information are difficult to trace. Not only will the company lose the cost of the package, they will lose its contents and inconvenience the recipient. Just like sending packages to the wrong recipient, vital company information and documents could end up in the wrong hands and jeopardize the company.   

Information storage and retrieval

Companies that still keep hard copies of contact information (in a Rolodex or file cabinets, for example) are more likely to have trouble keeping track of addresses, changes in addresses, who the points of contact are and more. When this information is stored on paper, not only is it easy to lose, but retrieval of the information can become a time consuming occupation. Keeping hard copies of mail slips poses the same problem. Should you need to retrieve the information later, it could be difficult to do so, and this information can be easily lost.

Staffing costs

Running a mailroom, especially one that tracks everything manually, could require additional staff – and those man hours can add up fast. These costs can go down drastically by implementing package management technology.

A mail tracking system like EZTrackIt can solve many of the problems that cost companies hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year. With EZTrackIt, you can:

  • Use your existing computers and bar code scanners, smart phones, or MC40s to log deliveries in seconds and effortlessly create verifiable documentation.
  • Then, notify your recipients instantly through email or text message when packages are being dispatched.
  • Take advantage of additional package notification features, which include lobby displays and social media alerts, let recipients know when their package is ready for pickup.
  • Plus, a flexible label printing system minimizes waste and saves money.

EZTrackIt’s simple package logging software confirms deliveries and pickups in the office or in the field since cloud-based storage can be accessed from any device at any time. Companies can therefore improve efficiency in their mailrooms by using such systems, ensuring satisfaction for recipients and accountability.

The mailroom is the backbone of many businesses and often holds vital information that would be dangerous if lost. Financial losses from losing parcels, information landing in the wrong hands, having packages sent to the wrong recipients and more can all be avoided when you have the right system in place. Click here to learn more about how EZTrackIt works!

Are you ready to see how much time and money EZTrackIt will save you?

Does EZTrackIt Software Pay For Itself?

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