Residential Package Tracking Software and Tips for the HolidaysThe holiday season gives you a unique opportunity to spread cheer throughout your community and make your residents feel at home. Decorations, lobby treats, and special gifts all lift the holiday spirits in your residential community, but the best present you can give your tenants is the gift of a stress free holiday season. Let’s discuss some of the extra touches you can implement this year to connect with your residents and ensure that they have the best holiday season ever – right here in your building!

  • Deck the Halls: Festive decorations are a great way to connect with your residents. Who doesn’t love twinkling lights and garland? Just be sure to keep it simple and tasteful. Also, choose either non-denominational decorations or pieces that represent each major holiday of the season to ensure that none of your residents feel alienated by your décor.
  • Proactive Maintenance: Not only do we see the weather take a turn for the worse during these months, but also there will be more people coming through your doors as your residents host holiday parties and invite their families for extended stays. These factors mean that you must be proactive with your facility maintenance. Be sure to have plenty of ice melt on hand. Check all common areas, especially staircases, for any potential safety hazards. Nothing ruins a holiday celebration faster than grandma taking a spill in the parking lot or on the stairs. Though these precautions may not be explicitly apparent to your residents, they will grateful that you’ve gone the extra mile to ensure that they and their guests will have a safe holiday season.
  • Special Treats: From cookies and hot cider in the lobby, to small gift bags of candies to give each resident, the little extras can go a long way during the holidays. ‘Tis the season of giving and a treat here or gift there reminds your residents that they didn’t just choose an apartment, condo, or townhouse, they chose a community that cares. Just be sure to choose non-denominational treats.
  • Stress Free Package Management: The ultimate gift you can give your residents this holiday season is the peace of mind that their holiday packages will be handled with care. Inbound package tracking software allows you to give just that. Each year more and more people complete much of their holiday shopping online, your residents included! Not only are they receiving shipments of gifts they’ve purchased online for others, but they are also getting gifts from far away friends and relatives. They are relying on you and your staff to ensure that all of these packages are accounted for and are received in a timely manner. This is easy with a cloud-based package tracking system. Send automatic package notifications to your residents when you log their packages, track each and every movement of the packages with our waypoints system and prove – if the situation should arise – that you did not in fact receive a resident’s package so they can fight the shipping company for lost packages. Inbound package tracking software is a must to manage and protect holiday packages.

Though we are afraid that we can’t assist you with the first three items, we can certainly help you implement a package tracking system to make package processing run smoothly this holiday season. Reach out for a free demo to see how our inbound package tracking software can work for you.

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