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It happens far too often. A package that was supposed to be delivered goes MIA, and UPS package tracking says it should be at your desk. Who gets the blame? You! Who deserves the blame? Maybe not you. When packages go missing, everyone blames the mail room.

Let’s face it, you’re an easy target. There’s too much room for human error – after all, you’re still entering packages in your log book, or trusting your desk staff to record a heaping shipment of parcels by hand into a spreadsheet. But, when you have EZTrackIt, the possibilities for human error decrease drastically. As your package delivery accountability rises, so does respect for your mail department.

How EZTrackIt Boosts Your Package Delivery Accountability


Whether you’re handling the incoming and/or outgoing mail for a corporation, a residential complex, or a university, you’re dealing with high volume – and that volume gets higher by the day (just wait until the Holidays!). The packages can start to pile up, bottlenecking at the front desk, and thanks to parcel tracking, your recipients know they’ve arrived. What you need is a bottleneck solution, like a quick, easy scanning system that zaps multiple packages into an online log all at once, and allows you to enter pertinent details.


The package journey doesn’t end at the front desk. That’s only the beginning. After a package is scanned into EZTrackIt, an automatic email and text goes out to the recipient so they know the minute their package is available for pickup. If you also offer a parcel delivery service, you can also let them know when their package is en-route, and when and where it was left (on their desk, outside their door, in their inbox, etc.).

In Between

Let’s say your bottleneck problems aren’t at the front desk, but in your package storage area. If it’s taking you more than two minutes to retrieve a package, you can do better! EZTrackIt offers optional printable labels you can stick on packages so you can keep your storage area organized for fast retrieval.

EZTrackIt tracks the real-time location and condition of all packages in the system – yes, you can even note if a package arrives damaged. It’s our goal to make sure no one ever blames the mail center again by boosting package delivery accountability.

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