Package Logging Software for Convention CentersWorking in mail services in a convention center bears an uncanny resemblance to being an air traffic controller. There’s always a lot of pressure, there are crowds full of anxious people who need their packages and deliveries put in their hands instantly – if not even sooner, and the consequences for failure can be catastrophic. To keep things running smoothly, you need the right package tracking software.

EZTrackIt is the tool you’ve been looking for. Super simple to use, EZTrackIt individually logs packages as they are delivered by the FedEx, UPS, USPS, or other freight driver or delivery service. You can use your existing barcode scanner and label printer – there’s no expensive proprietary equipment required when you choose EZTrackIt’s package logging system! All data recorded is instantly stored in the cloud, providing you with a verifiable record of every package that has been delivered to your facility. Never have a team member sign for packages that weren’t delivered when you have EZTrackIt!

Customer service is a huge determining factor when event planners are choosing where trade shows, industry events, and conventions are to be held. When you provide superior mail services, supported by EZTrackIt, you’ll have exponentially fewer complaints about lost or misdelivered packages. Happy exhibitors lead to happy event planners and show organizers. Happy event planners and show organizers means return bookings.

EZTrackIt’s package tracking software is super simple to use. Most people can be trained on our package logging system in less than ten minutes. If your team needs additional support, we have an extensive library of training videos that can be accessed at any time.

Many convention centers have ‘dead zones’ where wi-fi and cell service is not necessarily guaranteed. The EZTrackIt android app provides complete, reliable package logging even in those areas: great for documenting to-the-show-floor deliveries. Eliminate exhibitor complaints and reduce your organization’s risk exposure when you choose EZTrackIt.

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EZTrackIt is the Best Package Logging System for Convention Centers
Article Name
EZTrackIt is the Best Package Logging System for Convention Centers
From freebies to promotional banners, conference attendees get A LOT of deliveries. Keep track of their deliveries and secure future business with package tracking software.

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