One of the challenges of being an enterprise level business, is there are often different people or different departments in charge of a variety of tasks—it can be a challenge to find one single way to manage things—things like package delivery. Different departments can make tracking packages and staying organized a real challenge because each of these departments has their own goals, as well as the things they need to accomplish for the organization as a whole.

EZTrackIt package logging software is designed for all businesses, including those at the enterprise level completing a variety of tasks. Here are features our enterprise clients care about most:

1. Auditing Packages

With EZTrackIt you will have access to audit logging. Audit logging allows you to find out what was delivered, who signed for it, who made order changes, and even who checked on a package using this mailroom software. These detailed audits can make tracking packages an easier task to accomplish.

2. Permission Granting and Limiting

The permission controls that are part of EZTrackIt allow supervisors to limit which employees can access information. These limitations can help ensure that not too many people will interfere with a task, which sometimes makes completing a job more complicated. You can limit the number of “cooks” in the kitchen, and you can adjust the number of people with access according to different projects.

3. Security

Everything that is passed through EZTrackIt is encrypted, whether it is accessed or not. This makes access from hackers more difficult. We can also offer different levels of security including two-factor authentication, automated vulnerability testing, and EZTrackIt pays for outsider penetration testing. Your data is safe when you use EZTrackIt.

4. Change

Sometimes a change in software or hardware can be challenging for employees in larger enterprise businesses. With EZTrackIt, different applications and tools can be released at different rates so employees can adapt to the changes. This can be useful as a way to train staff, and it can also be an effective way to phase in EZTrackIt while staff are trained on all of the tools and the advantages of using this system

5. Technology Support

A strong advantage to using EZTrackIt include all of the customer support for those transitioning to our software. We have user support access, different guides, and tutorials so people who need support during the transition will find all of the help they need.

6. Software Based

Employees can use just about any kind of hardware because EZTrackIt is software based. There aren’t new pieces of hardware for people to get used to, just software that is easy to download, and most people find to be fairly intuitive to use.

7. Pay As You Go

EZTrackIt doesn’t make you sign a year-long contract as you make this transition. You’re billed month-to-month. There are not contracts, no gimmicks, and you can expect no problems. What you will find is an easier way to keep track of packages, for you, for each of your departments, and for your organization as a whole.

Now that you’re familiar with our software’s functionality, let’s chat to see what we can do for you.

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