When it comes to something as important as processing packages, processes should be smooth and easy. Your package receiving software should support your efforts for fast and effective package processing.

Would you like to know how to log a package in 30 seconds or less?  It’s easy with EZTrackIt package tracking software. When you work with software that is designed around how mail rooms work, you can log packages in your mailroom in just 3 easy steps.

Just sign up for an account, log into your tracking software and you’re ready to start tracking. Simple!

Logging Into Your Package Tracking Software

From your existing computer, barcode scanner, MC40 or smartphone, log into the software to sync your device as you prepare to start your day.

EZTrackIt is constantly looking for ways to make your life easier. The most current version of this cutting-edge software is compatible with some of the most common package scanning hardware like those from Pitney Bowes and UPS TrackPad.

Because it’s mobile-optimized, it’s easy to view and interact with the software on a smartphone. So there’s no excessive scrolling, messages can be easily read, and the interface is 100% user-friendly.

No expensive, proprietary equipment to buy means you save time and money using what you already have — but using it better.

Using EZtrackIt “on the go”? Our optimized software allows you to sync in the office and then have access to key package data remotely without the Internet. You can’t get that kind of convenience from just any package receiving software.

Scanning, Notifying & Creating Labels

Ready to log your first package? Scan, notify and create labels all in 1 streamlined step. When you scan the package, it instantly notifies recipients via email or text. They immediately know they’ve got mail. Want more? Lobby displays and social media alert options can be easily chosen as preferred notification types.

With EZTrackIt, you can log deliveries in seconds, effortlessly while producing clear and easy to use verifiable documentation to support the process. Log one or log many right at the delivery point.

EZtrackIt allows you to do all this without the waste of time and money printing unnecessary confirmations and logs. A flexible printing system, means you print confirmations if, when and where you want. This saves you time and money.

EZTrackIt designed its software around how mail rooms work not the other way around. But it’s still flexible enough to be exactly what you need. Because it works on so many devices, portable and stationary, you can log packages anywhere, including places with no Internet.

These days, the responsiveness of software matters. You don’t have time to wait on load screens or delayed scans. EZTrackIt optimized its software so that it’s fast, efficient and works when and where you need it. Need a delivery signature? Everyone loves the easy signature interface.

Resolving Common Mailroom Challenges with Ease

With EZTrackIt handling the unexpected right on site is easy. Did the package not get checked in correctly in the mailroom? Misread barcode? Duplicate package? EZTrackIt’s software empowers employees to easily resolve issues on the spot with clear tracking of resolution activity for proper checks and balances.

No more time lost tracking down deliveries. No more calls back to the mailroom. Your employees have the power when and where they need it to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Have questions?

The EZTrackIt President is passionate about their software and loves discussing it with current and future clients. He’ll listen, answer any questions and help you customize EZTrackIt to exactly what you need. Contact us today.

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