Other package logging systems can tell you when something arrived and when it was picked up and that is it.

EZTrackIt’s Locations Feature is something new.

The Ultimate Package Monitor Feature

We can now tell you WHERE an item arrived, and then more importantly what happened next. Rather than a single snapshot showing the moment in time one event occurred, Locations allows you to watch the history of an item in your care as if you were watching a movie.

Paint this imagery in your head:

Location details of your packages BE (before EZTrackIt):

  • July 2, 10:13 am UPS Box arrived – Awaiting delivery

Now, with EZTrackIt’s Locations Feature:

  • July 2, 10:13 am UPS Box arrived at the receiving dock By-Patrick W
  • July 2, 10:26 am moved to cart By-Patrick W
  • July 2, 11:28 am Received at University Housing, Washington hall By-Maureen B
  • July 3, 12:51 pm Moved to Shelf 7 By-Thomas B
  • July 5, 11:06 am Moved to Shelf 3 By-Duncan T
  • Awaiting delivery

Below is a screenshot of the Locations feature in action. Keeping a record of every stop makes everyone happy!

Locations Feature in action.


 Some may say TMI but we say oh-la-la, bring on the details!

Now ask yourself this questions:

When you are trying to find out where a package is and who had it last, which situation above is more useful to you?

You can use Location to track where an item is at multiple steps like an inventory system, to record which department is currently responsible for it and even which staff member handled it at each step of the way.

Now what you do with this information is up to you!

Here are a few ideas that come to mind.

  1. Keep departments and residents happy by knowing exactly where their package is when they frantically call you wondering where it is.
  2. Clear up an area in your mail storage room because now you know exactly when a package will be delivered to and from your office.
  3. Know who is responsible for the sudden disappearing act a package may perform.
  4. Plan your next work days and staff accordingly based on the incoming packages.
  5. Spend time on other important mailroom or front office duties as this feature is sure to save you time.

To learn about other features your mailroom is missing out on, request a free demo of our software. It’s so easy to learn and use; You’ll wonder how you did mailroom organization without it! We’ll be happy to walk through it with you.

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