Notifications from Package Tracking SoftwareDuring an informal poll we conducted with apartment dwellers, we asked about the speed at which those apartment residents would like to be notified that their delivery has arrived in their building the overwhelming majority – 9 out of every 10 voters! – chose “Instantly!” A few laid-back types were willing to wait up to fifteen minutes; nobody indicated that they wanted to wait an hour or longer to learn they’ve got mail.

EZTrackIt’s package tracking system provides instant notifications to residents in a number of ways. The system can send a text message, email, or post a social media message to the resident – they can pick the method that works best for them. Optional lobby displays are another popular notification option. This notification happens automatically, when the package is logged in by your staff.
Instant Notifications provide building residents with peace of mind. They can relax, knowing their deliveries – whether it’s a fun treat they’ve ordered from Amazon or their essential prescription medication – is safely in your team’s hands.

Instant Notifications result in faster delivery pick up times. Additionally, when your residents know they can count on EZTrackIt’s reliable notification feature, they won’t repeatedly call or check in with the mailroom to see if their deliveries had arrived. Thus, implementing package logging software means less stress for your mailroom team.

Another feature of our package tracking system that apartment residents love is the way the package logging software eliminates the problem of lost or missing packages. When you use EZTrackIt, packages are individually logged in as they arrive. It’s fast and it’s simple. There can be no discrepancy between what actually arrives and what the FedEx, UPS or other delivery driver said arrived – you have a package by package record of every delivery that reaches your building. No lost packages means happy residents!

Give your residents the instant notification they’ll love when you choose EZTrackIt’s package logging software! It’s simple, fast and amazingly affordable. Find out more by signing up for your free, no-obligation trial today.

The Faster, The Better: Instant Notification Wins Overwhelming Resident Approval
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The Faster, The Better: Instant Notification Wins Overwhelming Resident Approval
Excellent service attracts and retains residents. Package tracking software makes providing top-of-the-line mail services EZ!

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