Do you work in a place that isn’t as organized as it could be?  Does mail clutter in the mailroom, or do packages accumulate on certain staff member’s desks making it difficult to find important packages and letters even after they have been signed for internally?  There is a solution that can help improve the organization of internal mail delivery while improving the performance of your organization as a whole.

See if any of these problems ring a bell:

Packages pile up somewhere, making your workspace look cluttered, disorganized, and unprofessional to guests and employees.

  • Often, in this situation, everyone blames the mailroom, but if you have package tracking software, you can see where the holdups occur and fix those problems.  Packages will be delivered once they get to you in a timely manner, and if they don’t, you can see where the problem really is.

Do packages and other items get lost or misplaced?  Have packages ever gotten damaged or destroyed, but the sender said it was your fault because it had been onsite for too long before it was delivered to the right place?  Has anyone every tripped over packages that have been left out in the way because they don’t ever get delivered to their rightful place; or has someone even gotten hurt before?

  • EZTrackIt helps you improve those situations by allowing employees to know when their package is in the building.  Not only will hallways and other floor spaces be taken care of better, but overall mailroom organization will be improved too.

Previous attempts at organization just cause more bureaucracy and paperwork.

  • EZTrackIt eliminates the need for paper making your workplace greener and making it easier for people to internally track their packages.  Get them out of the way, delivered to their rightful place, and use fewer trees—that’s a win for everyone.

No one has to be a technical genius to use EZTrackIt.

  • Our tracking software is easy to use, and people don’t need to be trained in its use, but we do still offer training for people who feel more comfortable learning new tech that way.  It won’t take you long to find out that EZTrackIt is user and recipient friendly.

Don’t let your packages stack up.  Get them delivered to the rightful place right after they arrive.  People need the right tools to do their jobs, and some of those tools are in recently arrived packages.  Get EZTrackIt to ensure those people who work for you have those tools just as soon as possible.

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