Package Logging System for Online Holiday Shopping SeasonYesterday swarms of your package recipients scoured the stores looking for the best Black Friday deals, but they aren’t done shopping yet! It is expected that online holiday sales will increase between 13% and 15% from last year, totaling as much as $82 billion. That’s a lot of packages! Though some may have trickled in over the last month or so, the majority of online holiday shopping will now commence, with a huge spike occurring in just a few days on Cyber Monday. Here are our tips to make this busy season in the mailroom less stressful and offer your package recipients that best service possible.

  • Inform Your Package Recipients of Your Holiday Hours: People appreciate the extra effort, especially during the holidays. If your mailroom will be staying open late or your front desk staff will be working longer hours, be sure to let your package recipients know. Ensuring that everyone is well aware of your holiday hours will minimize the possibility of disappointment that will ensue if they arrive during off hours.
  • Play Festive Tunes: Carols put everyone in the holiday spirit! Playing the local holiday radio station will spread cheer to both your staff and your package recipients, reminding them of all the wonderful treats and presents those packages contain!
  • Supply Surprise Treats: Your recipients are ready for one kind of treat when they visit your mailroom – the presents they ordered for their friends and family members. They will appreciate a special surprise, like holiday cookies or hot mulled cider that much more during this festive season.
  • Make the Most of Package Tracking Features: Features of our package tracking software like our customizable notifications and package delay. With these tools, you can use our package logging system to ensure that your package recipients know when they have packages waiting for them and exactly when they can come pick them up!

We wish you a stress-free holiday season in your mailroom! If you are ready to implement package tracking software for this busy time or you want some assistance making the most of all the features our system has to offer, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help!

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