What's the Cost of a Package Logging System“I don’t see why we need to spend any money on a package logging system,” a gentleman said to me during a recent sales meeting. “A notebook costs a dollar, a pen costs another dollar, and for two bucks, we’ve got all the documentation we need.”

At first glance, this fellow’s $2 solution might sound attractive. That is until you start factoring in all of the hidden costs of manual package logging. It takes time to track down your recipients and let them know they’ve got mail: when pressed, this gentleman admitted that while he didn’t have exact data, he’d guess one of his employees would spend at least 20 minutes engaged in notifying a recipient that their package had arrived. This is all time the employees expect to be paid for!

Then there’s the expense of lost & misplaced packages. Did you know you could be liable for a package’s declared value, even if that declared value is much higher than its actual worth? Manual package logging systems aren’t great at recording what happens when the UPS or FedEx driver drops off 5 packages but claims there were 6!

When you figure in the external costs associated with logging your packages using a notebook and pen, it turns out to be a very expensive option. EZTrackIt package logging software, on the other hand, is a very affordable solution. The fully automated package logging system can eliminate up to 90% of the manpower hours your team devotes to package handling. Complete cloud-based documentation protects you against the liability for lost or misdirected packages. It’s really an easy decision.

EZTrackIt package logging software is priced to be the mail services system of choice for corporate mailrooms, residential buildings, college dorms, healthcare, hospitality and more. We offer four levels of service – Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum – to meet your needs and your budget. You can find our package logging system pricing information here to help you choose which package meets your mail services needs. Once you’ve reviewed this, the next step is to set up your free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll help you make 2014 the year you safe time and money on mail services.

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