inbound package tracking saves you money

Businesses need to operate as efficiently as possible.  The more work you can outsource to technology, the more your employees can think critically to improve your business, increase sales, and make more money.  One of the important ways many businesses can save money is by using inbound package tracking software.

Consider Adopting An Inbound Package Tracking System

If you consider how much you’re spending sorting mail—even if it is as little as $15 a day—EZTrackIt has plans that cost as little as $95 a month.  Consider that one employee who has to sign for packages and get them where they belong can easily take an hour of work time.  The more packages you have on an average day, the more it will cost.  Then consider that invariably there are mistakes that to the time required to sort and deliver packages.

Mistakes can impact the effectiveness of everyone.

Our inbound package tracking system makes everyone more efficient.

Soon after you implement EZTrackIt, it will pay for itself. And is immediately allows people in the business to get more done and to spend more time focused on business.  You can put the money you save by using our software to work for your business.

  • Improve your infrastructure.
  • Spread your business.
  • Increase salaries.

You can do all of this while also being more efficient with internal package handling and delivery through improved mailroom organization.

If you’re uncertain how EZTrackIt can pay for itself in your own situation, read these testimonials from people in different businesses.

For Student Housing and Dormitories:

Imagine how efficient university package delivery will be when students receive an instant message when a package from home arrives.  Students are happy and parents are happy.

For Corporate Mailrooms:

Imagine how happy bigger businesses are when they know if an important package has arrived.

For Property Managers:

Apartment building managers also see the benefit of allowing their tenants to know a package has been delivered.

EZTrackIt makes it easier to keep track of packages as they come into your business mailroom.  Our system is software based so there is no expensive hardware to buy—hardware that will be out of date before it begins to pay for itself.  We are able to make regular updates to the program based on your needs.

EZTrackIt allows people to get to work doing things that are important to making businesses more efficient.  Download this calculator so you can see for yourself how much EZTrackIt can help your business.  Our software can make it easier to track and log packages, whether for the business world, the university setting, or residential.  Learn how EZTrackIt can help you.

 Does Your Package Tracking Software Pay For Itself?

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