The team here at EZTrackIt knows that this is the time of year where people send us their databases.

Yeap! It’s that time again – time to update your database! We’re well aware that this is a daunting tasks but someone has to do it. We heard you last year and that’s why this year, we present to you the EZUploader!

The EZUploader is an EZTrackIt feature that helps clients streamline and simplify the database uploading process.

Uploading Your Database

When you upload your new database this year, here’s what will happen to your data:

* If there is a new recipient within your database, it adds them
* If there is a changed recipient, it will modify them
* If the EZUploader sees that a recipient is not on the new list, it will archive that recipient

The EZUploader allows you to do this one recipient at a time. For example you can first focus on changing your staff information, then updating your student information at a different time.

Skip the Redundancy!

Another advantage, with the EZUploader, you never have to re-enter a package. Any package you’ve logged in before the update will be there after you’re done.

This makes uploading a database easy and simple. And as always, we’re happy to do this for you for free.

To see it in action, check out this quick video of the new EZUploader feature!

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