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Mailrooms are all too often impeded by legacy software tied to outdated hardware, both of which impose restrictions on what could be a far more efficient system. In a world of smartphones, smart appliances and even smart cars, the benefits of integration have become clear. Click to share this on twitter So why not bring the “smart” revolution in connectivity and responsive software into your mailroom organization system with an integrated package receiving software solution? EZTrackIt is the smart package logging software application that will take your mailroom organization to the next level.

Integrate and Consolidate

With EZTrackIt, there is no need for separate scanning, logging and tracking hardware. There is no proprietary equipment or specialized handset, which is often only available from a specific manufacturer and nearly impossible to repair. Gone too are the days of trying to convince the mail logging software to integrate with your internal communications network or training new employees on obscure and confusing systems. EZTrackIt eliminates the need for expensive, particular hardware by running on your smartphone and performing the mailroom organization functions of what was before a range of specialized equipment.

This saves mailroom managers equipment costs, training time and the headache of integrating different systems, all of which EZTrackIt simplifies.


The advantage of smart package receiving software lies in its ability to easily and seamlessly integrate with your existing communications process. Configure the system to send a notification to recipients as soon as a package is logged into the system or even set a custom time or frequency for package notification and pickup reminders. The notifications and reminders are sent through a user-friendly software interface that will be instantly familiar to any smartphone user.

EZTrackIt’s flexibility also allows a mailroom manager to easily schedule a time of day for notifications to be sent in order to maximize efficiency as well.

Mailroom Satisfaction

Though it may seem to be a small point to some, mailroom managers know that satisfaction plays a significant role in the success of a business. Misdelivered or delayed packages hurt both productivity and a business’s image. An often overlooked factor is the job satisfaction of the mailroom staff, however. Struggling with outdated and cumbersome systems that can’t keep up with the demands of the modern business environment is a major factor to poor job satisfaction. With EZTrackIt, you can watch morale increase as mailroom employees use a dead-simple package receiving and logging solution that streamlines their jobs while removing the stress.

Now instead of being blamed for the failures of failing hardware or unsupported legacy software, mailroom employees will be praised for their efficiency and accuracy.

Learn More

To find out how you can replace your existing hardware/software systems and easily improve your mailroom organization with a modern, integrated solution, check out the ebook Steps to Optimize Your Mailroom. With this guide, you will be able to upgrade your mailroom organization like never before.

5 steps to optimize your mailroom - EZTrackIt ebook


Ready to take the next step towards an organized mailroom? Start a free trial and we’ll show you how easy it is to get started with EZTrackIt.

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