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One of the hardest things about leadership and community responsibility is effective communication. There is always important information that has to be shared with others, but how can you do that when you’re working with people on different schedules? How can you be certain everyone gets information?

Going Beyond Just a Package Management Tool

EZTrackIt has a great solution to help keep everyone in your communication circle informed—we offer more than package management. If you use EZTrackIt for your office and people are working, but inclement weather makes a full-day unlikely, with just a few clicks and swipes with EZTrackIt, you can let your staff know. You can also use this tool to remind people about holiday hours and other days off—why have a meeting that is inconvenient for people to attend and why sound out a memo that not everyone will read. Maybe you want to send a quick message to the residents in your facility? EZTrackIt has the solution.

Other Usages for EZTrackIt’s Communication Capabilities

  • If the mailroom has to close early or not open at all because of bad weather or illness.
  • When normal service or work patterns will be interrupted. Perhaps new flooring is being installed, computer updates are scheduled, or other maintenance that might interrupt the normal course of events. Remind people of the interruption of their normal schedules.
  • You can also use EZTrackIt to remind people about changes in procedures. If time cards are collected on a new day, if there is a change in medical coverage, if lunch breaks are changed in some way, use EZTrackIt to remind everyone. Similar for property managers; if the community lounge is closed for the day, if the pool is closed for maintenance, or if you want to remind them about holiday front office hours, EZTrackIt has you covered.
  • Use the program to remind people that they should ensure they know what to do during an emergency drill.  Where should they meet and how to distinguish one kind of drill from another.

Visit EZTrackIt’s brief video to learn about these and more uses for our communications service, which you’ll have access to when you use EZTrackIt to monitor your incoming mail.

With our communication services, you can use internal package tracking software to alert staff that they have mail or packages that have arrived, and you can also inform your staff about changes and improvements.  Don’t hold a meeting that people will resent.  Don’t send memos that people won’t read.  Let us facilitate your communication and connection with the people you live with.

Contact EZTrackit today to request a free trial and to learn about more options to track your mail and to communicate with those people you work with.

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