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These days life is mobile. We expect everything at our fingertips. We want it fast and effective. It should make your life and job easier. As a property manager or student housing manager responsible for mailroom organization, you know how important your packages are to the residents in your building. One missing package is a big deal. But as equipment fails and data is lost, the time and money you spend on labor are also valuable. So the package logging software tool you use for mobile package tracking must work seamlessly whether you’re on a 20″ desktop monitor, an 11″ tablet or a smartphone. Making something work on mobile isn’t just about resizing the original and moving things around, it’s about making sure that everything is just as easy and convenient on a small device as it is on a larger one.

Always Innovating Mobile Package Tracking

When you log a package, you need to know quickly that the data was uploaded. Having to scroll up and down your screen to get to confirmation or error messages is not only inefficient but it could lead to error. That’s why EZTrackIt added a green screen technology to notify you when a package is successfully logged. Since the whole screen flashes green, you can’t miss it. And you can move on to the next with confidence. Some devices may also allow a tone to acknowledge a successfully logged package.

More Mailroom Organization Mobile Options

We made our system friendly to the TC55 and MC40 Mobile devices. The built-in barcode on these devices and our software make a great team. Testing shows that these devices can now process packages into the system as fast or faster than a desktop computer and barcode reader.

Streamlining your Mailroom Function

Unlike mailrooms who are confined to desktop computers and handwritten logs, with mobile package tracking and package check-in, the mail process is completely streamlined. It can be done anywhere and by multiple people at the same time. After you log your packages in, sync your data to your device or phone at the office. Now you have everything you need right there on your device to deliver your packages quickly and efficiently with virtually no training time needed because it’s that easy to use.

When you arrive to the first person, whether you’re delivering one package or several to one person, simply scan the barcode (or type the last 4 digits of the barcode). And with a few more taps and a recipient signature, you’re done. Repeat the process for the rest of your delivery.

It’s Time Your Mailroom Teamed Up with Mobile Package Logging Software that Optimizes Mobile.

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