Package Tracking Software Makes Communication E ZAsk any property manager and they’ll tell you: maintaining strong, positive relationships with residents is absolutely essential. Time and again, we’ve seen that residents stay in buildings where they feel that the management is concerned about their happiness and well-being. Absent that assurance, residents don’t feel any loyalty to their living situation.

How can a building manager demonstrate concern for their residents’ well-being and happiness? One simple route to impressive custom service involves the strategic use of package logging software. We all know that online and mobile shopping has grown exponentially. Your residents are likely receiving several packages a week; during the holiday season, this number can increase to several packages a day.

If you have ten units, each of which is receiving five packages, you’ve got 50 deliveries to receive, log, and ensure the safe final delivery of. Manual package logging is error-prone and slow.

EZTrackIt’s package tracking system provides a speedy, reliable alternative. Using a simple barcode scanner or your existing computer equipment, your team can scan each package as it arrives. Our system instantly notifies your recipient they’ve got a delivery via email, text message, or social media notification. An optional lobby display board also lets building residents know when they’ve got a delivery. Residents love the instant notification and they enjoy the peace of mind of knowing exactly where their deliveries are!

If you’re not offering your building residents this level of customer service, it may be time for a drastic change. The time to make this shift is now. The EZTrackIt package logging software is super simple to use: most people can be trained to use it in less than ten minutes. By the time the busy holiday shopping season rolls around, your entire staff will be EZTrackIt experts – and your residents will love the extra care and attention you give their deliveries!

Package Logging Software: The Simple Route to Impressive Customer Service
Article Name
Package Logging Software: The Simple Route to Impressive Customer Service
Providing outstanding service to your residents is easy when you have EZTrackIt's package logging software on your side.

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