Package Tracking Software for Senior LivingSeniors are the fastest growing demographic group in the nation right now. There are 76 million Baby Boomers who are either now retired or who will be retiring shortly. While the vast majority of seniors strongly prefer to live independently, the fact remains that for as much as a third of that population, health and financial considerations make that impossible. This means that there’s going to be a tremendous surge in the numbers of people living in long term care facilities.

If you currently own or operate a long term care facility, you know this, and it sounds like music to your ears. However, it’s important to remember that an increase in residents also means an increase in resident expectations. The Baby Boom generation in particular has spent their lives expecting high-touch personal service as a given: this expectation will not fade away.

Let’s talk about what that means in terms of package management. Baby Boomers who come into the long term living setting – or who are seeking long term living placement for their parents – are experienced, adept online shopping. They’re very used to tracking packages from the minute they leave the retailer’s hands until they are delivered.

Delayed gratification is not something this generation does – yet when packages are received by a facility rather than directly by the resident, a delay is built into the system. This will create disgruntled resident, unless you take steps to prevent it.

The EZTrackIt package logging system provides residents with instant notification when a package is delivered to the facility. Your residents will receive a message on their smartphone, via email, or even through a Facebook notification. Additional notification support is available through lobby display, which works directly with our package tracking software. Building residents of all ages have proven to pick up packages far more quickly when they receive instant notification. The automated system significantly reduces the amount of time your staff has to spend contacting residents and letting them know they’ve got mail.

The only thing that upsets a Baby Boomer more than a delay is a lost package. EZTrackIt’s package logging system documents where packages are the entire time they’re in your staff’s control. Only packages that were actually delivered are logged in – that eliminates the risk that comes with relying on the UPS or FedEx delivery driver’s word as proof of delivery. All data is stored securely in the cloud, great for facilities with multiple locations or anyone who’s located in a region where there are natural disasters.

Find out more about EZTrackIt’s package tracking software and the role it will play in keeping the coming generation of Long Term Living residents happy. Schedule your free, no obligation consultation today!

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