Solving the Problem of Lost Inbound Packages

It’s no mystery that of the common issues among most student housing mailrooms is the problem of lost packages. Someone needs to be responsible for making sure the students receive their deliveries properly, right? In light of this, most student housing offices examine their internal tracking systems exhaustively, some even to the point of using internal security cameras to make sure theft isn’t the issue. This is an extremely frustrating situation for student housing mailrooms everywhere. To some, it’s as if the packages never even made it into the building to get lost!


One of the main reasons packages get lost is they’re not delivered properly in the first place. Click to share this on twitter 

When the FedEx, UPS or other delivery driver shows up with a stack of packages, your mailroom team is asked to sign only once. It’s perilously easy for a mistake to be made. If your mail room staff is signing for 45 packages but there are only 44 in the stack, you’ve got a problem! As far as the delivery service is concerned (and your students, and their parents) that package made it to your building. You signed for it, after all.

EZTrackIt package logging system eliminates this problem. Packages are logged quickly and individually as they arrive. If only 44 packages arrive, then only 44 packages are logged in – wiping out the issue that single signature acknowledgment creates. Our technology is super simple to setup and easy to use. You’ll find logging packages in as they arrive streamlines the entire mailroom organization process. In fact, this is now standard operating procedure at many colleges.

The key to organizing your mailroom starts with accounting for packages as soon as you receive them.  Click to share this on twitter

Accessing Your Packages Locations

EZTrackIt’s package tracking software stores all data securely in the cloud. If there’s ever any question about whether a package arrived, where it is within your facility, when the recipient was notified of its arrival (instantly with EZTrackIt, via email, text, or even social media notification!) or picked up by the intended recipient, that data can be accessed anytime, from anywhere, by any authorized user. Package location information is a hugely valuable resource when it comes to handling complaints or disputes about missing or lost packages.

Our logging system is one of the many features that adds value university housing and helps take the stress out of keeping your mailroom organized.  Ready to streamline your package logging process? Test drive our package tracking software absolutely free for 7 days to see if it’s the right solution for you!

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