Work culture can be a strange thing. Often the person most invested in the success of your business—your manager, her manager, or the owner of your company—is the one most resistant to the very changes that can ensure your business’s success. EZTrackIt has the power to save your business hundreds of dollars each month. And if you send or receive an avalanche of mail, those savings can skyrocket even further.

Change is tough, but automation is the single most effective way to save your business money, ensure mail management tasks are properly and promptly completed, and free precious employee time to complete more important tasks.

If you’re ready to take the case for EZTrackIt to your boss, here are some selling points to highlight.

Savings That Increase With Package Volume

EZTrackIt is almost inevitably cheaper than paying an employee, even on a part-time basis, to manage the mail. Let’s say you spend $20/hour on an employee who manages the mail, and that employee spends an hour a day, six days per week. You’re looking at a weekly cost of $120, which quickly escalates to an annual cost of $6,240. With EZTrackIt’s affordable prices, you’re already looking at saving thousands.

Even if you have so much mail that you need to pay employees to use the EZTrackIt software, your savings can only increase. Particularly large businesses may need to hire multiple full-time staffers, taking the savings from a few thousand to tens or even hundreds of thousands, depending on how much mail you get and how much time it takes to process.

Saving Precious Time

Computers are remarkably adept at accomplishing the tasks that people routinely fail at: managing data, streamlining mail collection, and other mundane—but important and costly—processes. Employee time is better spent interacting with others, building strategies, and doing the tasks that computers cannot. By implementing an automated mail system, your business spends its staffing dollars on novel and intelligent thinking, not the menial work of sorting mail.

A Better Outcome

Let’s face it: humans make human errors. Whether it’s the deliberate laziness of the staffer who decides he’d rather throw the package in the trash than walk it to its final destination, or the mundane mistakes that come with distraction, stress, and an ever-mounting pile of work, people make mistakes. Automated mail management reduces the likelihood of an error, lowering the stress your boss faces and virtually eliminating the costs of lost mail and tracking of misplaced envelopes.

That adds up to a win for everyone: vendors who get paid more quickly because their invoices are timely delivered; customers who get their packages more quickly; staffers who no longer have to waste precious time hunting down mail. The list goes on and on.

Easy Access to Technological Options

EZTrackIt can run on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, offering you flexibility and additional cost savings. Say you have a large mailroom, and need to provide multiple employees with a device that can host the software and a bar code scanner. You can procure a few tablets for just a few hundred dollars. Contrast that with the thousands you likely spend on mailroom employees.

Interested in just how much time and money an inbound package tracking software platform can save you? Download the spreadsheet below and impress your boss with the savings you will bring to the table each month by automating your mailroom today.

Does EZTrackIt Software Pay For Itself?

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