Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, which means two things for your residential mail center: Flowers and chocolate. And lots of them. Sure, you may luck out with PajamaGrams or hoards of the slightly creepy 50 Shades of Grey Vermont Teddy Bears (complete with accessories!), but most likely, you’ll be facing perishables. 

How can you prevent rotting flowers and melted chocolate in your mailroom?

Inbound package tracking software can help pair recipients with their perishable parcels fast.

When it comes to perishables, you have a need for speed. Here’s how to save time between delivery and pick-up (or re-delivery) by using our inbound package tracking software:

  • Zap multiple packages into your system at once using a bar-code scanner. Our inbound package tracking software lets you log packages 4 to 10 times faster than by hand!
  • Print labels for each parcel for faster retrieval and logout later.
  • Instantly alert recipients that their packages are available for pickup via text message and email notifications.
  • Or, use the Notification Delay feature to ensure your mailroom is properly staffed for the onslaught of recipients looking for their Valentine’s Day goodies!
  • With the Overdue Packages Report, it’s easy to find out whose red roses are wilting in the store room, and whose Godiva chocolates are in danger of melting. Then, send a quick reminder message to let the recipients know that their flowers and Godiva soft-centers are waiting!

Don’t let the Valentine’s Day rush sour your Saturday this year. With EZTrackIt’s inbound package tracking software, you’ll feel like Cupid, spreading joy and love to all the happy recipients in your building.

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