Creating concepts for application features and bringing them to life takes a lot of thought and a whole lot of brainstorming. At EZTrackIt, we’re always on the prowl to find new ways to make our app even better. Some features for package tracking are common sense and no one on our team thinks twice about their concept, while other features seem rather bizarre. Here’s a message from Patrick Weir, our President and Founder.

“I just used every single four letter curse word in the English language in an email to my staff today. Here is why:

I have been an entrepreneur four over 20 years and I am very used to wearing many hats. From bookkeeper to a salesman, from customer support to tech support, from handyman to plumber, and from manual laborer to rodent removal… I thought that I did it all. Few of these roles are glamorous, but if they need to get done, the buck always stops with the owner of the business. I have always known this and I have tried to always be pleasant about each job, no matter what.

Today my job was to list every single four letter curse word and send them to my staff. I know what you’re thinking,

“Why would the president of a package tracking software need to do such a thing?”

Let me explain. We have a new package tracking feature that allows our users to just write a four letter code on a box if it has no tracking number. This is the fastest and easiest tracking number system out there. These numbers are also guaranteed to be unique through our special system. This means that our customer will have to write the four digits (letters and or numbers) on the box.

It occurred to us that we could think of a few four-letter words that we would not want to ask someone to write down on another person’s package. Thus, I had to list all of the words that our system should never allow to happen.

If anyone really wants to know what they are, you can click here. Although, I don’t really recommend it.”

Details matter.

The small details in any application are what gives a great experience. Our software’s primary purpose is to log and track incoming packages, which requires an immense amount of details and features… Including the four-letter tracking code feature. We also focus on creating features that compliment the package tracking process to give our users the best experience with our app such as our Message All feature and our Reporting tool. We look after the little details and try to solve problems before they appear. Just like we have our clients’ best interest at heart, we know our clients look after their people too. Knowing this motivates us even more to make sure that we produce the best package tracking software for our clients and their community.

Our other features don’t include any curse words! If you would like to learn about our other features and why so many people choose EZTrackIt, request a demo and we’ll be happy to walk you through our app.

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