Many EZTrackIt clients are having trouble deciding what to do with the spare time using our package tracking software gives them.  It seems that EZTrackIt has been so beneficial in organizing the delivery of packages that many professionals using this software are struggling to recreate the adrenaline rush associated with frantically searching for packages and wondering if projects will be completed on time.

It seems that EZTrackIt has created mailroom organization from chaos for everyone waiting for a package; now all you need to do is access EZTrackIt to learn if a package has been delivered or if it hasn’t arrived.  More time can be focused on doing the required work and although some people are now bored, more people are relaxed and even content.  Most people appreciate the reduced stress, but others miss the feeling of not knowing where a package is that can only be recreated by jumping out an airplane without a parachute.

Cheryl from Texas Tech University reports, “Can’t imagine working without EZTrackIt’s package management software—just love everything about it.  It makes life so much easier!”

Getting stuff done with our package tracking software

With added efficiency, many EZTrackIt customers have report being able to get more actual work done.  No longer does half the office go on scavenger hunts to find a package that may or may not have been delivered.  Now, a quick check on the EZTrackIt can tell you in seconds if that package you need has been delivered, or you’ll already know because the recipient will receive a message, either through email or text message to inform them they have mail.

It’s also beneficial because anyone can use the package tracking software from anywhere.  The information is stored in a cloud based system so it can be accessed at any time from any device.  This will ensure accountability and ensure everyone is happy with the service.  One of the most important benefits of EZTrackIt is you don’t have to change your entire system to use it.  EZTrackIt has flexibility to meet your needs and to improve whatever is lacking in your system.

Another advantage of EZTrackIt is we are a software based system.  You won’t have to buy new hardware to run it, as you probably have the equipment needed on hand, including smartphones, tablets, and scanners.  Because EZTrackIt is software, it is a breeze to keep it updated as we make improvements.

What could you do with some extra time?

You might have trouble filling in the time you used to spend frantically searching for packages that may not have even arrived, but we’re sure you’ll be able to find something to do.  Contact EZTrackIt today and see how we can help give you extra time to focus on the things you think are important.

Here’s a quick guide of things you can do to optimize your mailroom.

5 steps to optimize your mailroom - EZTrackIt ebook

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