Comparing EZTRackIt with its Competition

Announcing the Release of Our Innovative Android Application:

We’re proud to announce the deployment of our enhanced “Discovery” version of our Android application. This new version is designed to help clients manage their existing inbound packages, streamline package delivery processes and organize mail management protocol.

At its core, the new application is designed to log packages out from anywhere, including areas that might not have consistent access to internet. The app is responsive to and optimized for the syncing of data to an Android device or phone at the office and also provides “on the go” key package tracking data on a scale that few others have been able to implement. This new version of the Android app is recognized as both a Pitney Bowes alternative and also as an alternative to UPS TrackPad.

About Our Improved Package Tracking App

With a few taps and swipes, the application allows the user to deliver one package or many. Simply scan the package barcode (or type the last 4 digits of the barcode), apply a recipient signature, and you have successfully logged out that package. All of the packages’ relevant information is stored to be synced into the system the next time you have internet access.

We have radically redesigned the EZTrackIt Discovery software platform, both behind the screens and from the user’s perspective, with laser beam focus on user experience. We now have the most flexible and easy to use platform in the parcel tracking software industry. Our clients are our greatest asset and inspiration. We learn from them and give them the tools that they need to make a hard job easier. No one has more respect for the Mail Services staff than we do. This is another way EZTrackIt differentiates itself from the competition in the package tracking software industry.

Compared to the Package Tracking Competition

Many package tracking solutions are hardware-based and rely on almost decade old handhelds that make you feel like you are using “state of the 90’s technology” while paying 1990’s computer prices as well. Unlike other solutions whose prices can be exorbitant, require hand held devices and lock users into multi-year contracts, EZTrackIt software is founded on a “pay as you go” model that requires no proprietary hardware.  

One major disadvantage of hardware-based systems similar to EZTrackIt’s competitors is the fact that it often takes multiple years between updates. If you purchased a hardware-based system at the end of the product update cycle, the technology and sophistication of the product could be 5 years out of date before you open the box. We had a sales meeting the other day with a potential client who was literally using a system that still had a PalmPilot as the mobile device.

“They complained that even eBay was running out of them.” said Patrick Weir, our President.

The newest version of EZTrackIt requires no proprietary equipment, offers flexible month-to-month billing and includes other features that help a customer increase their return on investment. With hardware-based systems, users are limited with regards to where, why and how they can be used. EZTrackIt runs on almost anything – from mobile devices like smartphones to desktop and laptop computers and more.

To learn more about the newest version of the EZTrackIt Android application, its benefits as both an alternative to Pitney Bowes Arrival system (PB) and as an alternative to UPS TrackPad, or to find out about the company in general, please contact us today.

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