We’re very sad to say that a month ago, my uncle, Dr. William H.  Weir Jr., or  “Hank” to his family and friends passed away at the age of 87. He was a great man of achievements and he will be missed dearly. We celebrate his life and hope that his story as a man of many accomplishments will flourish on to inspire many generations to come.

A Lesson We Should All Learn

There’s a funny story I want to share. It took place a while ago and can teach us all a lesson. Hank was at work one day while his wife, Ruth, was home with their children. It was a nice summer day so the children invited their friends over and they decided to play baseball in the yard. But this wasn’t just a simple game of baseball. The children felt the need to make a replica of a real baseball field so they ripped up the grass into a diamond shape. Ruth was shocked when she saw her front yard and as soon as William came home from work she immediately shrieked, “Did you see what the boys did!?” Hank paused for a minute, took a long look at the yard and turned to his wife and said, “Ruth, we’re raising boys, not grass.”

This story resonates with me. When I feel myself overwhelmed with all the moving parts of life, I remind myself of this story. There are so many instances in life where we get caught up in the tiny details that we forget the overall significance of our journey and what we should really be focused on. It’s reminds me of the saying, “ don’t miss the forest for the trees”.

Something Mailroom Managers Should Know

We have folks that have the mentality, “I NEED TO GET THIS PAPER SIGNED!”, but the point is actually to track and record the the package accurately. The method you use is not relevant. See what I did there? My uncle’s story applies to so many aspects in life and I appreciate this life lesson that he taught. To remind yourselves to not get so focused on the details or intricacies of something that you miss the big picture or the main point. We help our clients everyday with their mailroom organization and we make sure the big picture, tracking a package thoroughly and correctly, is always the main focus.

About My Beloved Uncle Hank, Dr. William H. Weir Jr.

Weir was born on September 22, 1929 in Pequannock, NJ. He graduated from St. Francis College, Brooklyn, in 1951. He served in the U.S. Army during the Korean Conflict from 1951 to 1953 as an infantry soldier in the 5th Regimental Combat Team earning a Silver Star, Bronze Star and two Purple Heart Awards. He graduated from St. John’s University School of Pharmacy in 1955 and New York Medical College in 1958. During his medical career, Dr. Weir served as Chief of Surgery at St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson, NY and Central Suffolk Hospital (Peconic Bay Med-ical Center), Riverhead, NY. He also served as President of the Suffolk County Medical Society and on the Board of Governors of the American Urological Society. His whole life, he was faced with obstacles and faced with people tell him “he can’t”. If he listened he probably “wouldn’t have”, but he did. He did everything he set out to do. One of the things believed is that the quote, “failure is an option” is terrible. Don’t focus on the fear of failure. Just focus on getting back up. Just keep trying.

In memory of William Weir.

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