EZTrackIt: Flexible So Your Mailroom Organization Doesn't Have To Be

There are many problems that can occur with package management that can sacrifice your mailroom organization.  Whether you use the clipboard check system, if you are required to use hardware to make your system work, or if you have software and it takes days for your staff to learn the system…  Each of these “solutions” to internal package tracking can create a problem for every problem they solve.

Problems with Other Mailroom Organization Systems:

  • The clipboard is your word against someone else’s.  If a clerk puts the check in the wrong box, or if the package doesn’t make its final destination internally, there is no way to prove it actually arrived.  Proving whether it was damaged when it arrived is another problem.
  • Hardware is not updated as often as software.  It can be out of date as soon as it is unpacked, and because it can be very expensive, businesses use it for years even if it is outdated.
  • Other internal package tracking software that is not intuitive means that while your mailroom staff is learning to use it, their productivity is down, and when you have to train new people, it will take them just as long to learn the system.  When software is difficult to learn, you also run the risk that you aren’t getting your value from the product.

EZTrackIt solves these problems and more.  When a package arrives, you can mark that it has arrived, send a message to the department and/or the person who it is for, so it gets where it needs to be.  Because it is software, it is easily updated.  The updates will be intended to make things even more efficient and effective. Because it is intuitive, your staff can learn how to use it quickly and efficiently.

You can even take a picture of a damaged package to prove that it was damaged in transit.  EZTrackIt solves the problems of package tracking making your workforce more efficient, and because it takes the stress out of package delivery, you may not even have as much turnover in your mailroom.

EZTrackIt makes package delivery easier and efficient, whether it is going to a corporate office, residential customers, or university mailrooms.

We are the original and most trusted online package tracking software on the market. Contact us today and let’s talk about your mailroom needs and how you can utilize EZTrackIt in and outside of your mailroom.

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