Tracking incoming packages just got a lot easier. As a manager in charge of receiving, sorting and distributing the mail that comes into your organization, you know that you are the gateway between customers, vendors, stakeholders, regulators, the world, and your company. Every letter and package is vital. “Losing” a parcel, no matter how seemingly insignificant is a big deal.

But tracking mobile packages and assuring that not a single item is missed has always been a hassle. Click to share this on twitter Equipment fails. Data is lost, requiring significant duplication of effort. Lack of connectivity to the internet either on or offsite can lead to workarounds or downtime that almost always results in “mishaps”. Inquiries from “impatient” recipients can lead to time wasted hunting down “perceived to be lost” or yet to be logged packages. As a corporate mailroom Manager, you understand the importance of mobile package tracking, but you need solutions that work.

Just Released to Make Mailroom Organization a Whole Lot Easier

EZTrackIt Software has just released the Discovery version of the Android app. This app is a package logging software that allows your team to quickly and very easily log packages in and deliver them anywhere because it does not need constant internet to work.

How EZTrackIt is Changing Mobile Package Tracking

EZtrackIt is transforming the corporate mailroom with flexibility, reliability, and ease of use. See how one of our clients, EverSourceFM, was able to completely change their mailroom procedures to get organized, improve their reputation of accountability and set up a simple but effective package management system with minimal training. They found optimal mailroom organization with the EZtrackIt system.

How It Works

During deliveries your team members will:

  1. Sync the app before they leave to make deliveries
  2. Log deliveries with a barcode scan or quick code at the delivery point. Log one or many fast and easy. Common issues like trying to deliver a package that was not checked in upon receipt, misread barcode, duplicate package are easily resolved, logged and tracked right on the app, for proper checks and balances and no time lost trying to track down deliveries.
  3. Acquire signature if needed. Everyone loves the easy signature interface.
  4. Re-sync the app upon return at which time all data, package information, receipt/delivery times, signatures will upload into the database and the job is done.

Get a Free Demo of Our Revolutionary Package Logging Software

Once you see the ease of use, reliability, and mobility, you’ll understand how EZtrackIt is transforming the corporate mailroom. Contact us for a free demo. We’re real people with real answers for mailroom organization and mobile package tracking.

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