You and your mailroom know that technology changes fast. The devices we were using just 2 years ago in our daily lives can seem ancient now. The efficiencies and conveniences that they once brought us are now just frustration from using outdated hardware, slow networks and yesteryears’s ideal UX set up. Yet we seem to tolerate it in the mail room. Old technologies and systems like UPS Trackpad are still prevalent when we should be looking for a better way. We need a UPS Trackpad alternative that not only works but works with our budget. Take a look at EZTrackIt, the alternative to UPS Trackpad and you’ll understand why you shouldn’t be running a 2017 mailroom without it.

Why Old Mailroom Tech like UPS Trackpad Doesn’t Work

  • It’s expensive – There is no opportunity to save money. With EZTrackIt’s pay as you go system, there are no upfront expenses. When you do the math, the costs of using EZTrackIt easily pay for itself. The time you save and the number of packages you organize compared to your old process will blow your mind.
  • Hand-held devices required – In the days of wearables and soon to be implantables, we are still using clunky handheld devices to do our jobs. It’s time for an upgrade.
  • Multi-year contracts – Technology changes fast. Being locked into a multi-year contract is like being chained to years gone by and their obsolete technology.
  • “State of the 90’s Technology” – Should we really be running our mail rooms on 90’s technology?  Just consider how much faster and better things have gotten in the last 20 years.
  • Hardware-based systems – Having a hardware based system means buying new, expensive hardware when you need an upgrade. They can send you software updates. But these only go so far when your hardware is out of date — especially when those updates only arrive every 5 years.
  • Smart buying can mean outdated – If you are like most of us and waited for the tech to be proven and more affordable before you started using it, it could be out-of-date before it was out of the box.

Now, Let’s Look at the UPS Trackpad Alternative, EZtrackit.

  • NO proprietary equipment – You’re not out of date as soon as you open the box.
  • Runs on almost anything – Mobile, desktop, smartphone android, Apple, MS.
  • Upgrading is easy – Because it’s an app, we can upgrade frequently and conveniently to never feel out-of-date.
  • Month to month billing – This is convenience you need and deserve.
  • Pays for itself – Because it’s a month to month payment it pays for itself in month one.

Still considering old mailroom technology? Look at how we compare to Pitney-Bowes and you decide.


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