Receiving packages can be an expensive part of running a business. Keeping track of those packages is also expensive, and often a stressful part of the proposition. When tracking packages, it’s important to know where a package is, to know when your recipient signs for it, and to monitor delivery times. One of the common services businesses use for internal package tracking is the Pitney Bowes arrival system. Pitney Bowes is an exorbitant way to keep track of your inbound packages, and it often uses out of date technology. An always up to date web based solution like EZTrackIt is a Pitney Bowes alternative many businesses are turning to.

EZTrackIt offers an affordable alternative to other packaging services and it provides an easy alternative to both hand logging packages and expensive old-school handhelds. It allows simple and efficient package tracking on multiple platforms at an affordable cost.

EZTrackIt is Recognized as an Alternative to Pitney Bowes

  • It is simple to log a package into EZTrackIt through almost any device: computer, bar code scanner, smartphone, and several commercial grade mobile scanners, including the Motorola TC-55.
  • You can also create your own labels if you need them or go paperless when you don’t.
  • Finally, you’ll be able to confirm and document that the delivery was made.

Pitney Bowes requires using their equipment, multiyear contracts, and older technology. Here are a couple of examples comparing the ease of the EZTrackIt system with Pitney Bowes Arrival system and similar offerings:

The Comparison:

Equipment / Technology

The first thing you’ll notice is the immense upfront expense of these systems. Pitney Bowes’s system and those like it are hardware based. Because of this, it can be years between updates. While the rest of the world uses technology that keeps improving almost daily, most hardware-based systems use a method to update their system as if they are stuck in the 90’s.

With EZTrackIt, you probably already own all of the equipment that you’ll need. There is no proprietary equipment that you have to purchase to run our software. Our clients use our system on smartphones, tablets, desktops, or just about anything with an electronic pulse – Apple or Android. You’ll be able to print your own labels (or go paperless!), you’ll be able to monitor the progress of your packages, and you’ll know if the receiver was in the field or in the office.


One offering our clients value about EZTrackIt is that there are no long-term contracts. You can pay for it month to month so you will see the benefits and cost savings within the first month, literally.

Hardware-based systems such as Pitney Bowes costs more than EZTrackIt, but one thing that extra money cannot offer you is peace of mind. Affordability, reliability, and pay as you go all make EZTrackIt the preferred choice in packing tracking. See how we can innovate and change your receiving process. If you would like to see a free demo of EZTrackIt or if you would like to discuss your current pain points, give us a call and we’ll show you the power behind our name.

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