Today, EZTrackIt announced improved reporting capabilities within their signature EZTrackIt package logging software, which will further streamline mailroom organization for maximum efficiency, accountability, and happy customers. They have transformed mobile package tracking again with this new innovation, making mailroom managers one happy bunch.

With the benefits of the reporting tools, EZTrackIt clients can now:

  • Keep employees accountable through helpful reporting tools.
  • Identify areas for improvement in mailroom operations.
  • Base employee schedules on traffic of packages and staff accordingly.
  • Keep their mailroom organized.
  • Have a more detailed and useful way of tracking a lost package.

Easy to customize and understand reports, combined with the EZTrackIt features that many mailrooms have begun to rely on, make this possible. With EZTrackIt, you can:

  • See package traffic in a very visual way – Large graph displaying the pulse of incoming and outgoing packages through a monthly or weekly basis so that management can more effectively plan.
  • No longer “break” reports that they must have to run day to day operations – Standard reports — the most common and useful graphs — can’t be changed. This keeps the validity of the report and avoids delays in reporting due to a mishap.
  • Have incredible customization of custom reports – Custom report builder so that they can build personalized data reports based on their business’ needs and structure.
  • Get a report customized just for the client – If a report is needed but the client is unable to create it or wants it to become a standard (unalterable) report, EZTrackIt happily creates it for them and adds it to their profile.

Management can see everything that they need to see in these reports:

  • Package check in time
  • Who checked it in
  • Any notes or special status of the item
  • Which packages had a signature, and which did not
  • And much more.

User-friendly and straightforward reporting means little to no training needed. Management will find the flexibility they need with the best customization options for their reporting:

  • Customize the order of each item in the report
  • Print or export data
  • List view or summary report to give “at a glance” insight
  • A variety of custom conditions to drill down to exactly what the client needs to see.

President of EZTrackIt, Patrick Weir, noted, “EZTrackIt looks forward to continuing to innovate the mailroom industry with solutions that are simple and simply work.” Those who have worked in a mailroom know that it can be a very chaotic place. Those who work with EZTrackIt know they have a reliable partner who understands and address their pain points.  Mr. Weir goes on to state, “We understand that every package is important, but improvements in the mailroom industry have been a long time coming, leading to lost packages, inflated payrolls and unhappy customers… Until now”.

You can contact EZTrackIt to learn more about the benefits of working with an innovative package tracking software. They are happy to discuss its features and provide more information.

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