Package Tracking Software Prevents Summer SlumpsThe weather is warming up, the vacations are booked, and our minds are at the beach… even if our bodies are in the office. But there’s still work to be done and packages to be logged, albeit fewer than we saw coming in earlier in the year! Take the opportunity during this slow period to reenergize your staff by implementing a package logging system!

Supporting your staff with package tracking software allows them to spend less time tediously logging packages and more time to focus on high value tasks, such as customer service. With EZTrackIt, everything is done on your own internet database, which means you no longer have to worry about keeping track of packages on paper, or even putting slips into a recipient’s mailbox to let them know they have a package waiting. We all know that this is tedious and can be extremely time consuming. It also leads to a lot of recipients not picking their packages up for days which, can lead to a cluttered mailroom.
EZTrackIt’s packager logging system has tools that can help eliminate all of these problems.

Automatic Notifications: EZTrackIt gives you the ability to send out automatic e-mails and or text messages to let your recipients know they have a package waiting. If someone wants to be notified one way, and not the other; that’s fine too! Each recipient can customize their preferred notification method. Once you log in a package, an e-mail or text message is immediately sent to all recipients that opt in for notification without any additional effort from your team Not only is this faster and more effective, you’re also helping with the environment by eliminating those little slips of paper!

An Online Database: With EZTrackIt’s package tracking software, you will no longer have to worry about keeping a list of people in a binder somewhere. Our database is online, which means you do not have to download any software and it is easy to access. As long as you have the internet, you can use EZTrackIt!

To find out more about EZTrackIt, give us a try with our free seven day trial that will help you test drive our package tracking software, risk free!

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